Slaughterhouse Let This Fan Down

Woke up Tuesday morning excited to sync their new album to the pod and get a listen. I really liked the first album and expected the same for this one. I felt that this would be a bit different but for the better. Well I was wrong, its clear that the goal was a bit off, whatever it was. The production took a big drop, while they are well crafted beats, they dont fit the group’s style. Alot more party-feel records. No Alchemist or DJ Khalil here like the first. Can anybody get Just Blaze on the horn? You can see Eminem’s footprint all over it, which in a sense is good and bad. The lyrics are there kinda but not as sharp as on previous releases, less memorable lines. The joint with Swizz, come on man. Its not all bad though, there are some nice joints like “Rescue Me”, “Get Up”, and “Goodbye” along with a couple others that are repeatable. I guess I like the “no major record deal Slaughterhouse” better. I’m still a fan but this album is ok at best for me. I was expecting better. Get you a listen to see if you feel the same or not.
It’s not a good day for this Slaughterhouse fan.

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