Sample to Schoolboy Q’s “Raymond 1969”

I have been trying to avoid bringing this up for the longest but the time has come for me to let others know, if they don’t already, the sample to ‘Raymond 1969’. I swear this song gets a spin everyday on my pod. There hasn’t been a song as hard to drop this year to compare to this joint. With ‘Tookie Know’ as the introduction to this joint you can’t go wrong. The sample comes from a well known band. First take a listen to this heat.
Raymond 1969

The singing at the end of the song is so sinister. Peep how gritty the sample sounds.
Portishead – Cowboy

For all you hopefuls out there I have to point out that even though this song might be your cup of tea I can promise that the rest of the songs from their 1997 album do not sound like this. This is something that I will address one. THE FRUSTRATION

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