Is This Love? That Aint Love

This one beat that had me hooked from the start. The first thing I grasped was that kazoo (maybe its a sax, you tell me), its so jazzy. The second thing I like is the voice in the chorus, it has a unique effect on it like some 80s disco type sample maybe. Add that to the airy-ness in the sample, the end result is money. The smooth baseline brought it home, it oozes emotions and captures the whole mood.

(finds the sample….)

I was close, it’s 1980’s…’82 to be exact. The “take your time young man” guy, Junior, provided the sample. “Is This Love” is the second track I ever heard from him. This track ain’t half bad, his unique voice tone stands out. I didn’t know he was British, I will have to check out his Greatest Hits.

starts at 3:15

It doesn’t surprise me one bit that Illmind put together something so potent. His choice of samples has always been one of his high points. Speaking on situations of betrayal, LB and Jozeemo did this beat justice and made a nice track. Junior asked the question and Little Brother answered. That Aint Love.

Little Brother – That Ain’t Love

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