5 Tracks Over 10 Minutes Thats Worth Your Time

You dont see tracks like these everyday so I cherish them dearly when one is released. 10+ minutes and the whole joint is nice, your ears will be tuned in fully. I would have liked to have 10 but I only found 5 that were worthy. Totaling over 67MB and 70 minutes, these are worth the time and hard drive space. Get a listen.

Joe Budden – Who Pt 1-3 (Time: 15:57)

A few years ago when Hip Hop was dead Joe Budden found the autopsy report and went through all the possible causes of death. He makes some good points while rapping for 15 minutes straight over the soulful voice of Marvin Gaye. This is easily a classic.

Game – 300 Bars and Running (G-Unit Diss) (Time: 14:43)

I dont have to say much about this one, this is a well known track. I was iffy on Game until this one, the guy went in on the whole G-Unit crew and how he effortlessly kept rapping over all those beat switches was impressive. He got a few other “….bars and running” tracks but none quite compare this one.

Joe Budden, Beanie Sigel, Styles P, Uncle Murda, and Freeway – DJ Green Lantern Freestyle (Time: 13:19)

All five guys seriously spitting some of their best material, even Uncle Murda (some lines were questionable). Green Lantern supplied freestyle beats, Last Dayz and Where I’m From. Thats a mixture of pureness. 13 minutes of crazy lyrics….no, really.

Cam’Ron & Juelz Santana – 15 minute Stretch Armstrong Freestyle (Time: 15:31)

I posted this track in the past. You will probably never hear such a track from these two ever again, but its okay because I found this on one of my old scratched up mix CDs so I’m good for life. “Stretch, it ain’t over!”

Kanye West – Last Call (Time: 12:41)

Ok, this one is a regular 3-4 minute track but it includes the infamous come up story of Mr. West, told by him. That story never gets old, its a good one. From an album perspective, this was the best way to end his debut album, College Dropout.

If you got any other 10+ minute tracks that are worthy, feel free to send them my way.

3 thoughts on “5 Tracks Over 10 Minutes Thats Worth Your Time

  1. Truth or Truth-Slaughterhouse…get on it. Or taste in music is usually sickly similar so just get ready to get yo grimmace face on and vibe out for 15 MINUTES homie. God bless ya. Plus check out Drizzy Wright-Solo Dolo its recent not the newest but I havent seen you show him much love yet and he got his mind right…

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