Crazy Verse: Oddisee “American Greed”

Giving props to Oddisee for his lyrical talents wasn’t me for a while but now I’m hearing some verses that I really enjoy. I don’t know if it’s because they are on my type of productions or if its because they are really good. Either way his first verse on ‘American Greed’ is impressive, it contains all the elements that a great verse should have. Check out the lyricism presented in the song, peep

When George Bush took the oil from the soil
I was in front of the counter buying some milk, from the Arabs
in the land of honey I order fries from Chinese surviving off from what’s in the foil
gallon of gas, 2% is the same price, so it seems to the villain goes the spoil
it’s cheap fuel, fried rice to my brother man
cheap fuel, pipelines from the motherland
it’s all the same right?
on the other hand, supply and demand can fill them corners off them late nights
its that suffering bestowed us by that great white
not Columbus but Colombians
cause ain’t no cocoa leaves growing in the district, of Columbia
so that rut we in, got to be the best example of some pimp shit
hit the strip ni99a get that money and
bring it back to daddy
our four fathers been giving us the shaft like lash of a whip
and the whip’s like the back of Caddy’s
and we don’t give a f#ck cause we gettin cash, exactly

American Greed

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