An album that I think every up-and-coming producer should have…

I recently acquired Lee Field & The Expressions‘ ‘My World’ album. I think that if you are an up-and-coming producer and you like to sample funk and soul music then this is something that is worthy of purchasing and adding to your vinyl collection. I came across this album after searching for a sample by one of favorite producers, Black Milk. The song that he sampled was so pure that I just had to hear the rest of the album in hope of discovering some fresh music to add to the pod. This doesn’t happen often but after I listened to the snippets to ‘My World’ I was impressed. Kudos to the lovely people at Amazon for hooking me up with so many credits that I was able to get this joint for the price of Free.99. Until recently I haven’t heard anything about Lee Field & The Expressions but it surprised me that most of their music was made within the last 10 to 15 years and it doesn’t imitate any of the songs in their genre from before that time. To provide you with your morning piff I have provided a full stream of the album and a list of samples after the link, enjoy!

Lee Fields & The Expressions – My World

1. Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)
2. Love Comes and Goes
3. Honey Dove
4. Money I$ King
5. My World is Empty without You
6. Expressions Theme
7. My World
8. Ladies
9. These Moments
10. The Only One Loving You
11. Last Ride
12. Lee’s Rap (bonus track)

Download Here

List of Artists who have samples from this album:
Joy Denalane “Let Go
Mutt “Money Advance
Slum Village “Look of Love (remix)
J.Cole “Ladies
Black Milk “Don Cornelius
J.Cole “World is Empty

List of Artists who Lee Fields sampled:
The Supremes “My World is Empty Without You
The Persuaders “Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out)
James Brown “Never Can Say Goodbye

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