Realest Track Rick Ross Ever Made

“I’m just living my life…”

No I.D. on the track, let the story begin.

Evident is Rick Ross’ beat choices. He has a great ear for choosing excellent backdrops to his lyrics. Better than any Maybach Music, Live Fast and Die Young, or any other beat chosen, this beat here sits atop those excellent beat choices. The guitar is whining, the piano is sad, the background voices are sobbing, some are shouting and Rick Ross is crying asking “what did I do to deserve this?!”. The heartfelt joy is oozing with emotion in every ounce of this track. Something that is nonexistent in many songs these days in mainstream Hip Hop, that is passion so plenty respect to Ross for what he did with this beat. He matched the passion, pain, and joy 100%. I didn’t know he had it in him to make such record.

“Crib bigger than a church, Lord knows I’m blessed”

With help from No I.D. and Cee-Lo, this could possibly be the best track Rick Ross has ever made. We’ll know 10 years from now. In my mind, it is. A track of pure reflection and thoughts from someone who done came up. You gotta love it. For 5 minutes, this track showed Ross in a new light as an artist.

“And we suppose to be shy?”

Regardless if you like Rick Ross or not, you can’t deny this track.

Rick Ross – Tears of Joy (ft Cee Lo) (prod. by No I.D.)

Tears of Joy instrumental

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