My point about DOM Kennedy needing good beats

A while ago I believe that I was ranting about DOM Kennedy really needing dope ass beats in order to deliver the quality of music that we expect from him. To reiterate on my opinion I have provided a video after the link to help get my point across.

If you haven’t noticed yet these lyrics are from DOM’s last verse in the song…
So Elastic

If you listen to the presentation of the lyrics in the freestyle its practically done in the same way as in the song. I wasn’t as impressed until I heard the beat. Maybe he wrote this verse when he made the song and decided to spit it for the Beats by Dre folks. To me his verses are catered to good productions not the other way around. DOM with the right producer can make a hell of a song but without the correct chemistry then it’s just another skippable. I’m not seeing the growth that I was expecting to see therefore I have come to this conclusion.

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