Good Read: The Making of “Below The Heavens”

Its a good day because finally I get insights on the making of one of my all time personal favorite albums. Brew some coffee and enjoy this read.

“My World Is…”
Blu: “‘My World Is’ was probably the last song recorded for the record. Exile and I would go periodically to Mainframe’s to record. He actually signed Exile and I to Sound In Color. He was one of the original owners. We would periodically go to his spot as opposed to the Sound In Color studios. So we found The Dells’ record at Exile’s, and we brought it to Mainframe’s to chop it up there. But we brought it to Mainframe’s house and lost the record there, and we couldn’t find the record for I don’t know how long. So as we were recording the record, we were going to record shops trying to find this The Dells’ album and shit. We couldn’t find the shit. No record stores had it, no thrift shops. So we were forced to sample off a CD, man. That’s probably my biggest regret of the album. That was the only sample that wasn’t from vinyl. No less than a week after we make the song, like three copies of the fucking vinyl surface. I got like four copies of that Dells record.”

Exile: “I remember Blu kept trying to push me to sample the record used for ‘The World Is’ and I wasn’t into it, but eventually I got it done and we went in the studio to record the verse. When he spit it to me we knew this was the song that would start off the album. When he did the first take and he recorded the first verse with the line, ‘I flow conscious rep the Koochie Monstas’ I was like, ‘Nah, spit it differently like this.’ Back then Blu was a lot more open to trying ideas in the studio. But the funny thing is, listening to the song now I actually like the OG patterns he used for the line. Every time I hear it I’m like, ‘Why did I ask him to do that?’” -XXL

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