“Oh you the kid? I’m Joseph Kony”: The dissolution of an Ab-Soul lyric

Ever since Ab-Soul dropped that “Sopa” I have been intrigued by the ruthlessness of his opening line. I had seen the video about this Joseph Kony character before I heard the song and I was like “wow, way to make a statement”. I have been wanting to comment on this line and draw some type of connection to the actual situation but I only have as much information as the next American. I can’t give it a fair shake. I wasn’t sure if I should hype up the viciousness of the line and how clever it was to make that statement but in a manner where it referred to other artists. Could I be comical about it? At the end of the day I didn’t want to be ignorant or insensitive. So I decided to reach out to a fellow international blogger, who is geographically closer to the matter than I, and get his thoughts on the whole ordeal.

JMT Disclaimer: The views and opinions of the writer may or may not reflect that of ours, but why should you give a f#ck.

Here’s what he had to say about it…

Kony: A Retrospective from a Spectator
Written by: Stanley Nkhumeleni

If you weren’t living under a cave, then I’m sure that you know about the man, the legend that is Joseph Kony (pronounced kho-knee).

Now, if you saw the last bit of that last sentence and read it in a positive light, then you REALLY don’t know who this man is and what he was capable of.

But, before I get into that, you ever heard of the saying: “When Hollywood coughs, hip-hop catches the flu”? No? Well, that’s because I made it up, but I think it should be included in the “Clichéd but True List of Sayings”, another thing I made up.
But I digress.

Ever since that Stop Kony video got out, a couple of Hollywood celebs jumped on the bandwagon and gave “sympathy” to those that were in the crossfire of his hazardous wrath. We don’t give a damn about those celebrities, but when one of the most ignorant rappers to have ever rhymed gets to make a track called “Stop Kony”, then you know shit just got real!

Now if you weren’t one of those that had the chance to watch the 30 minute video, I’ll try summarizing it.

Alright, kids. Hope you’re tucked in for this little bedtime story about a war monger named Joseph Kony. Joseph Kony was a dude that wasn’t happy with the way his home country of Uganda (not Somalia) was being run and wanted to do something about it. So, in the 80’s, Kony gathered a bunch of like-minded, maniacal assed individuals and started up a guerrilla group called the Lord’s Resistance Army as a way to overthrow the government of then-Ugandan president Tito Okello. How he acquired strength in numbers is worth mentioning.

He used religion. A very powerful yet dangerous tool and he knew it; he had seen it happen before and thought it could happen in his favour. Kony’s father was a Catholic priest and his mom was Anglican. Seeing his father convert plenty of sceptics into believers was Kony’s lightbulb moment. Only problem was he amended certain Bible concepts into some kind of war manual; I mean, he had his own version of the 10 Commandments— they weren’t about crack, but still.

Then, a notable aspect of his “Holy Spirit Movement” was exposed in the video: the child soldiers. Apparently, between 66,000-104,000 children were forcefully inducted into the LRA’s forces in their struggle for freedom and killing infidels all in the name of Jesus, Allah, the ancestors of the Acholi people and Kony himself, some were even used as sex slaves. But, I don’t think he touched any of them kids inappropriately, unlike that football coach of yours.

Long story short: The LRA overthrew Okello and paved the way for Yoweri Museveni, the current Ugandan president who’s been president for over 20 YEARS and, might I also add, is the 1st president to have a hip hop track. So, he might have dictator tendencies, but he’s got swag!
Back to Kony, even though he and his LRA squad was mad popular in U.G, he decided to turn on his compatriots. Politics, man, what can I tell you? Anyway, he and his now-weakened forces broke the hell out due to attacks; therefore retreating to remote areas in different Central African countries.

Bush declared him as a terrorist in ‘01, Obama signed a bill to, ehm, stop him in ‘08 and Jason Russell made the Stop Kony 2012 video campaign. Then Russell went balls-crazy.

Although, I haven’t seen the video in detail, I don’t agree with some of the methods used in the campaign. That thing was made to pull heartstrings and ask for “donations” to help the grief stricken folk of Uganda. While, they had good intentions, the video was about 15 years late. Those child soldiers are now grown up and don’t care about Kony anymore. In fact, Uganda finds the man to be irrelevant because, funny enough, they now have issues with Museveni.

Regardless, they did criticize the makers of Kony 2012 for over-exaggerating facts, especially the ones involving the kid warriors, the level of fear Kony had brought onto Uganda and the unnecessary hype given to him, which could be similar to giving props to Bin Laden.

Sure, the video was bullshit to an extent, but at least America the world got to know about Kony’s atrocities and maybe Interpol can find the man and he should be tried for his actions. But after seeing what happened to Charles Taylor, Kony IS NOT gonna go out like that.

If he goes to jail, who’ll take care of his 88 wives and 42 children? Sheeeet, not me…

About the Writer: Stanley Nkhumeleni is an Accounting student that writes when he’s not thinking about numbers. He is from Pretoria, South Africa (which is the capital city, BTW). Stanley is the head honcho for http://www.the19thletter.wordpress.com, well he’s the only honcho but good rather the less. His posts bring comical relief to serious, real life situations and he tells it like it is.

JMT: We would like to thank Stanley for contributing, well doing most of the work for this post and we encourage our viewers to check his site out! If you’re anywhere as sarcastic as I am you will immediately subscribe to his website. You can follow him on twitter as well.

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