Crazy Verse: Cam’ron – Get Em Daddy (Remix)

Heard this the other day and knew it had to be posted at some point. As a lyricist, I think Cam is a bit underrated for his post-S.D.E. releases. Plenty members of Dipset was on this track also but they had no chance of stealing the show after Cam dropped this verse. This verse is like alphabet soup.

Cam’ron – Get Em Daddy Remix

I’m Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund
Part-acting, ha ha, who they think they car jackin (what’s this?)
You dump and a dump, I slumped and I slump
They mad my car’s like an elephant, the trunk in the front
See ya dude react, Hunnit six threw me back, a few they clapped
But I ate those, them shits is Scooby Snacks
I ain’t see stars, I’m a G pa
Threw the Lam’ in 6th, Drove to the E.R
Had to make it hot
Feel like Pac I know it’s set up
Them old niggas know I’m bout to take they spot
Ain’t no A.B. – I.O.U
Y.B. That’ll get ’em up in I.C.U (this the alphabet!)
Like I see you at the BP, shot ’em off G.P
Guns from VA, PA, down to D.C
D.O.A. if you short up on my P.C
C-74 switched ’em over to P.C (who are we?)
Like Chuck D, we the ’06 P.E
Fuck me why, I’m in the ’06 G.T
All about them G’s B, we the B.G
Byrd Gang Dipset, D.I.P. see
Like KRS-One, the great B.D.P
You wanna join the crew, then you must see me, Flea

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