One excellent sample carried through 3 generations

So I’m still blazing this Chance The Rapper ’10Day’ mixtape and there’s a song up here called “Windows” that I enjoy listening to. When I first heard the song I immediately recalled that I have heard the sample before. Listen to this and think if that sample sounds familiar to you.

Chance the Rapper – Windows ft. Alex Wiley & Akenya Seymour

I like this song, mostly because of the beat, but I think that the artists did a good job as well. It took me a while to recall what other song that I have heard this sample used in before. Usually my method to identifying a sample from another hip hop song is to pretty much start reciting the lyrics to the song that I think it is inside my head and make connections from there. This time it didn’t work that well because I was always trying to tell myself that Tupac had used this sample on one of his songs from a movie soundtrack but a small part of me knew this wasn’t true. Well today it finally hit me and I have found the song where I first heard the sample used. Peep.

Jay-Z – Understand Me

Another Jay-Z unreleased rare track. I hope that I have this song in mp3 format somewhere at home. It’s crazy because all of that time I was thinking about Tupac and there’s his sample in the chorus of Jay-Z’s song. Irony huh. His flow is unmatched. Now take a listen to the original song!!

Lonnie Liston Smith – Bridge Through Time

I hope this joint is available on itunes because I will be making a purchase tonight. How could one record be so smooth like that. A little bit of funk blended with the right amount of soul equals melodic dope in a beat junkie’s veins. The point that I wanted to get across here is that one sample has made it’s way through 3 generations. Jay-Z, being on the grind in the 90’s, found a way to make his voice flow over Lonnie’s song well. Somehow Chance the Rapper, who’s making moves in the new generation, has taken what I consider to be a great sample and made his art work as well.

4 thoughts on “One excellent sample carried through 3 generations

  1. Yo I heard it on Chance the Rapper’s Mixtape and was like “I HEARD THIS FROM SOMEWHERE!!!” I was racking my brains tryna figure it out. You just hipped me to the Jay-Z joint but the 1st time I heard this beat was when Blu rapped over this smooth ass instrumental. It’s called “IFell” on Soul Amazing 3. Check it out!

  2. pretty nice from the 3 songs I listened to. for future purposes please forward requests to our email. definitely find someone to mix your sh#t and continue to do your thing.

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