One of the toughest hip hop albums of all time

I don’t know what sparked this urge in my head today but I have been searching for Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” on and off all day today. For some reason everytime I would ask somebody if they had that Chronic album by Dr. Dre they would say “yea” and then I find out it’s the 2001 version they got, smh. Itunes nor Amazon had this joint for download. I finally had to make the executive decision and rush to Best Buys before they closed so I hopped in the hoopty and burned rubber to get there 5 minutes before they closed the doors. Just got home and cracked open the plastic! Please sit down and take this ride with me.


The hardest intro to ever come from an artist from the West coast. No love was shown for Jerry nor Eazy. But remember “Dre Day only meant Eazy’s payday”

F*** WIt Dre Day
More straightforward lyrics aimed at all the haters. The production was tough (said with a lil bit of spit coming out after the “gh”)

got my chrome to the side of his White Sox hat

you can’t get more confrontational than that on a song.

Let Me Ride
This that 5.0 music right there. This is what you blaze when you pull up to a stop sign with a mean gangsta lean with your gold D’s shining in the sun. That “Mothership Connection” sample is perfect for the chorus.

The Day the Niggaz Took Over

Make me wanna go stick up somebody right now. I’m surprised they didn’t have Cube chime in with a “here’s what they think about you, here’s what they, here’s what they think about you“.

Nuthin But A G Thang
One, two, 3 and to the fo, classic! man enjoy this video

Deeez Nuuuts
That intro lmao. All the lyrics felt like I was a bystander witnessing a gully conversation. BEE_OTCH!

Lil’ Ghetto Boy
lmao “quit paying muthafuckas for jheri curls”. The lyrics in this song were so real. So descriptive with there word choices.

A Nigga With A Gun
You can tell these songs were made during the riots for sure. I can picture somebody cleaning the parts of their chopper with this song playing at a fair level in the background of the room they in. This song was made for the moments and/or situations.


What can I say? Another tough song. The song pretty much mirrored what was going on in their environment at the time.

break em off a piece then

The $20 Sack Pyramid
Has to be the most hilarious skit til that date. The compton swap meet!

Lyrical Gangbang
The title pretty much describes the concept of the song. The Lady of Rage laid it down hard on this track.

if you think you swift with the gift, well then Merry Christmas

I bet Dre had to buy or at least clean his microphone after this song was recorded, every lyric was said with so much “umph” and “pff”, spit everywhere.

High Powered
That whining sound in the background definitely is some signature west coast gangsta rap ish.

The Doctor’s Office
Did Biggie bite off this skit??

Stranded on Death Row
The production sounded kind of ahead of its time.

step to the heat and get burnt like mesquite

lmao. Even on a funky track they still persist to spit their lyrics with so much attitude. Snoop was the only one who delivered a verse in a calmer manner. Nice Isaac sampluer!

The Roach (The Chronic Outro)
An interesting outro, not really any rapping just some shit talking.

Bitches Aint Shit

This is my jam! Part 2 of this song is probably Xxplosive. More words for Eazy were expressed on this track of course. One of the most direct tracks in hip hop history.

I know that I rarely show Dr. Dre any love but I need to change that. The Chronic is a classic and it sucks that it took me so long to finally realize that. I guarantee that this will get continued heavy rotations on my pod. Best of luck on getting this album unless you already have it, it’s as tough to find as it is as a unit.

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