Crazy Verse: Omillio Sparks “Tales of a Hustler”

Ever since them Hot 97 freestyles with the whole Roc A Fella crew I have been a fan of Omillio Sparks. He rapped about them real world situations and the street life. When said something he meant it and you could hear the emotion in his voice. One particular verse stood out to me that he rhymed during the freestyles, now I can’t get it out of my mind. The verse was lifted from Beanie Siegel’s “Tales of a Hustler” off his The Reason album. The song is really nice so listen to it and really dig into these lyrics from Sparks

yo, Omillio Sparks, young gun
my life as an adolescence said I’ll grow to be something
other guys tried to stand in my way like brick walls
so I kept guns in the palms, reciting scripts from Psalms
I Shall Fear No Man But God
so Lord knows we can get it on
guns baptize guys testing my pride
clearing my conscience in the liquor store
with a fif of Thunderbird
and I be guzzling hard
playing them corners where them washed up old heads chant tunes by The Whispers
same corner where I banged out with niggas
cops drive by and grin on us
if they grab us then on them nosy neighbors done snitched on us
heeeyy, this game juicy
got me puffin loosies
every 2 days interrogated by the police
see, this life I live cost more than your Roley’s money
cost my homie nig his whole life ya heard me
damn, when he was here it was easy to love him like a brother
now that’s he gone I find it difficult to talk to his mother
I mean what do you say to a woman that just lost her only son to the game and the gun
I said mami, I’ma ride for him
the look that she gave me like Sparks you got some nerves
cause most of these niggas don’t keep they word
now I’m under pressure
cause I can’t break that type of promise
yall niggas paint that picture
risking your freedom on the strength of memories of him
the time he made you laugh, the time he bust his gat
when them other niggas ran
how real is that, Omillio Sparks nigga holla back


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