5 Albums I Listen To Mostly Because Of The Production

This is a common thing these days. The skills of artists are being eclipsed by the guy in the basement beating on those pads. That guy didn’t have to say one word, and he stole the show. I’ve seen a lot of beats go to waste where the MC just doesn’t do the beat justice, it was better off remaining an instrumental. I find myself entrenched into the beat more so than the lyrics on these 5 albums below. They are not bad albums, just 5 where the production was king.

Press Play – Diddy can pick some great beats, no question. I never thought he sounded all that great as a rapper (you too?), he has his shining moments here and there. The production budget was non-existent with beats from Kanye to Havoc. The majority of tracks are skippable for me, only a few I like. That “Last Night” is still one of the best beats and songs I ever heard Diddy on. You probably could throw that Last Train To Paris album up here too.



Covert Coup – Alchemist always delivers but going 10 for 10 on Currency’s Covert Coup? Yep, every last beat on this tape is top notch. While Currency did do his thing lyrically, it was no match. The constant buzz about this tape was the beats that Alchemist supplied. Ever since the instrumental version of this tape dropped, I have yet to listen to the original again.





Group Home – I don’t think anyone listens to this album for the lyrics or wordplay. This was DJ Premier in his prime and that quickly is apparent from the start. Although this is considered a classic album by many, it’s purely because of the production. There are a few songs where they do they thing but in the end, Premo was the headliner of this show.




Popular Demand – Back when this was released, Black Milk wasn’t quite there yet as an artist (he redeemed himself on Tronic) but he was definitely an above average producer. If anyone rapped on these beats it would be hot, they are that damn good. This one gets major bump in my pod, the instrumental version.





On My Way To Church – This is my favorite jim jones album by far. he was good on the mic, maybe some of his best work. However, The Heatmakerz along with other producers provided him with some excellent beats (minus a couple) that may have overshadowed him a bit. Seriously, he may have had better beats than Cam and Juelz albums. Ok maybe not but it’s a good collection.

2 thoughts on “5 Albums I Listen To Mostly Because Of The Production

  1. Just so you know, you are a regular read for me daily right behing ESPN.com and my gmail. Group Home yep, revisited that last month. Jim Jones “On My Way To Church”, thought I was the only one that considered this one a borderline classic!

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