I Wouldn’t Trade It For Nothing!

My thoughts started swirling when this Q-Tip track came on. With all the NBA free agent frenzy and trade rumors going on right now, I couldn’t help but to connect the two. Whether its the Magic and Dwight Howard, Lakers and Andrew Bynum or the Hornets and Eric Gordon, all the GMs seem to be yelling the same thing as Ruby Andrews, “I wouldn’t trade it for nothing!” I like how Q-Tip ties himself to a sports superstar when it comes to him and women. It came out in a unique way that flowed really well. The sounds are vintage, maybe the 70s, with a excellent groove to it. Get a listen.

“For no amount of dough franchise this man / give him all the things you can / think long term plans / he be bringing in the fans / front page magazines listen to this lady scream, I wouldn’t trade it for nothing!” – Q-Tip

Q-Tip – Won’t Trade

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