ForeverFC – 704 (Review)

For the 4th of July ForeverFC has also decided to drop a mixtape/compilation. I still think that these guys should be getting more hype. To me Lute’s West1996 set the bar for this group so I’m expecting to hear some growth and hopefully this new project will reveal that. Let’s see what they have to offer now.

That flip of the loading music from Grand Theft Auto, lmao. Ry came in so hard spitting so gully.

September 3rd

Up to the standards set by West1996. I think that this is a Sade sample.

live fast, die hard

these some short songs but they are nice.

Life Lessons

verse is menage, hook is foreplay

The metaphors they use give you a glimpse at the level of skill that they bring to the game.

The God ft. Deijah Rose

Nice beat (kudos to Buckwild) and their flows were up to par.

Free Stephen
That Lord Finesse production, smh. Why the tracks so short for? They actually got lyrical talent, I want more!

Cash & Caviar ft. Shome
Can’t stop the Reign!!

a couple of niggas with a buzz, no light year

lmao. So much lyricism on one song, haven’t heard anything like this in a while.

Days Like This
SO GUTTA! this song will provoke a head bob.

hard bodies, hard bodies, these niggas tough to the core

Lute kind of modified his flow for this track, which was flawless.

West Side Story

cuban link with the gold roley diamonds in the bezel, flossin uptown like a muthafuckin rebel

so descriptive and sinister. SchylerChaise’s flow was venom for the veins. Thing reminds of some Big L type shit. Make me wanna go put somebody in a yolk right now.

Rest in Peace
SMH, these niggas know how to keep it 100 on these productions. I like the format of this song, it had everything needed to get across the message.

Out of all of the tracks this song is the blandest. Not much to it but 1 out of 10, I can’t complain.

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