Childish Gambino – Royalty (review)

Thanks Childish Gambino for dropping this mixtape at a decent time! I’ve been waiting for this tape since I heard some of his recent tracks. I have not listened to this tape yet so this review will contain my first listen thoughts. Let’s get into it!

Such a random intro with Blake Griffin

We Ain’t Them

he said Atlanta wanted something, Waka, Jeezy, and Future got the streets locked down, copy cats making sure Tip keep that crown

I like how he shared his perspective on his life and gave thanks to his family and friends. He mixed in a couple of funny lines as well. The production wasn’t that bad.

One Up ft. Steve G. Lover
Goodness, the production is groovy! I liked his flow on this song.

Black Faces ft. Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey started off the song with a strong verse. Already got my head bobbin.

grind in my sleep, a nigga need braces

Unnecessary ft. Schoolboy Q & Ab-Soul

we don’t wife em like Khalifa

lmao, another hype track! Schoolboy Q came in and murked it, I was glad to hear him do his thang and I was happy that the beat fits his style. When Soulo came in that part was vicious!!

we used to call hoes on 3 way and take them out to movies

so true!

Shoulda Known
Initially this track reminds me of a Drake song. It’s funny because he only sounds like that during the chorus but during his verses he maintains that typical CG flow.

now that I’m 1%, I send most of it home

I’m dean’s list while most of these rappers doing so-so like a seamstress

R.I.P. ft. Bun B
The verse by Bun B was very different from his normal. The delivery was altered compared to his typical style. I think that the production pushed most of that change. Childish Gambino provided an electro type of beat.

semen on my face, I’m fuckin tired of Skype sex

lmaooo. A truly interesting track, I don’t know if I like it or not, this will have to grow on me.

American Royalty ft. RZA & Hypnotic Brass Orchestra
Sounds like a live recording. RZA’s verse was typical. I like how Childish Gambino used that Waka line, so true.

deep pocket flow, my custom trousers

It May Be Glamour Life ft. Ghostface Killah

A production tailored for Ghostface’s flow! damn what a short track and no Gambino?

Toxic ft. Danny Brown
DANNY BROWN BITCH!! I like how Childish Gambino provides his features with productions that actually fit their styles. Nice Britney Spears sample, ha!

Silk Pillow ft. Beck
Beck’s verse is definitely different, such a waste of a nice beat IMO. Thank goodness Childish Gambino came in and ripped. I like how they extended the production and just let it breathe.

They Don’t Like Me ft. Chance The Rapper
WOOP! Chance did his thing on this track, he took advantage of the breaks in the production to show off his talent. I bet this track will bang in the hoopty. Not feeling how it just ended so abruptly though.

Arrangement ft. Gonage

“east side Atlanta, flyest nigga in a Waffle House”

on Worldstar and I didn’t have to have a nigga moment

There’s not much to this track, you would think there would be more energy put into the song by the type of beat but nah. A skippable track IMO

Won’t Stop ft. Danielle Haim

tight dress, her ass fault

That was a sweet, descriptive line! Some portions of this song remind me of Drake but it works well for what he was trying to do so nothing wrong with that.

Not sure why he worked with Beck at all, I don’t feel like this song turned out good nor did his feature.

Wonderful ft. Josh Osho
The build up for this song provided such a nice foundation for the rest of the song. The thoughts he shared in this song were really personal, especially talking about his friend’s mom and his cousin. I was impressed.

Make It Go Right ft. Kilo Kish
My initial thoughts are I really don’t know what to think about this song but I’m kind of feeling it. The way that Kilo Kish came on the beat was pretty nice. I will need to listen to this a few more times before I draw my final conclusion.

Real Estate ft. Alley Boy, Swank, & Tina Fey

pushing 997’s like I’m making phone calls

I guess this is a song that they decided to rep for Georgia, it’s like every other line had a reference to something in the state. LMAO Tina Fey at the end talkin that shit!

Download the Mixtape Here

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