Are hip hop music videos becoming pointless??

I was thinking about this question this morning while I was eating breakfast. All of this stemmed from a few people telling me about the BET Awards. A few thoughts came across my mind related to whether or not hip hop artists should continue to make videos any more. Do they really gain anything? Just a little bit more exposure perhaps. I remember back some time ago people used to be excited and interviewers would ask when a video was going to premier and it was such a big deal. Now through social media and commenting I rarely see or hear a person asking when a video will ever drop. It just seems like it’s more about obtaining the mp3 or m4a nowadays. To me it seems that there has also been a lack of creativity in recent music videos. They’re either full of girls, weed, alcohol, and jewelry or something generic like imitating the actual lyrics. Not to say that all artist do this, but there’s a lot of them out there who do for damn sure. I confess I never watch 106 & Park anymore, just pointless for me to do so. I have enjoyed some of the videos from the newer artist like Danny Brown’s “Grown Up” and A$AP Rocky’s “Goldie”. The last time that I was very impressed was when Kanye West released the short film to his songs off of ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’. Maybe I’m just sick of the disappointment of hearing an artist say they are going to shoot a great video, they continually gas it up, and then when it drops it’s no different from any other video. If I were a newer artist I would not waste time shooting a video, I would put more into my live shows. I would truly try to give people an experience unmatched while listening to my songs live. Let me note that I HATE when artist use the song during their live show and not the instrumental. You can’t tell me that you can’t get the instrumental, that’s a fuckin lie, just laziness. This may just be my preference, but if I pay to see you perform I want to see you “perform” other wise I could just hang a poster up in my room at home and turn my music up real loud and get the same effect. Less music videos and more energy for more creative ideas! Just my thoughts and that was my rant for the day.

One thought on “Are hip hop music videos becoming pointless??

  1. I agree with what you’re saying, but I thought you could’ve gone in a bit deeper into this thing, like what people would expect from a new video of a specific rapper or whatever. For me, the last dope vid was Clap by Pharoahe Monch.

    Dope post, by the way…

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