Crazy Verse – Jim Jones “Beautiful Noise”

This is a song that I used to listen to over and over back in the day. Cam did his thing on the track but to me Jim Jones really stood out. His lyrics were personal and descriptive. His words were delivered like a plight to all of those in the hustle game. I believe this is the song that made me go “wow Jim Jones really got it” until that point I thought he was another dude that Cam brought alone for the ride, took him out of “5-H”! You might want to read these lyrics a few times to truly understand how authentic they are, peep

(Verse 1)

My homie Cash really gone for 5
send my prayers, do your thing, I’ll be going for mine
shit, we live life to the fullest
365 nights on a strike that’s a bullet
shit and Uncle Ricky got em up in some change
and it feel like the garbage truck just dumping the pain
all on the shoulders, I’m warning my soldiers
the nights could get chilly, the mornings much colder
I seen summers get cold
and niggas do it up until the point that they get done and they fold
they can’t surcome to the cold
those that are frost bittin up north sittin like some fuckin lost kittens
they gettin locked up for carrying boy
doing time underground up in Marion boy
shit, I respect you
you do your time like Gotti and come home like that Marion boy, holla

(Verse 2)

I gotta keep striving
I gotta keep moving, I gotta keep grinding
If this was the road and I was trucker, well shit man I gotta keep driving
through the lies and deception
had to rise through neglection
I’m a insomnia addict
up all night, pops and moms was an addict
shit, ma puffin scromes was a habit
I need me a contingency plan
pops with a syringe in his hand
he was leaning and nodding
Uncle Ricky on missions, like the fiend he was robbin
shit you should have seen the apartment
all I ever wanted was franks and beans I was starving
crack fiends on the carpet
shit, but if it was for grandma
I swear I’m in love with my grandma
that’s why I only does it for grandma
that’s when I roll in the street
I pray that she covers me from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet

Jim Jones & Camron – Beautiful Noise

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