First Take: Lupe Fiasco “Bitch Bad”

Quick first thoughts on the new Lupe Fiasco single, “Bitch Bad” off of Food & Liquor 2.


I get what he’s trying to do but I’m not really feeling the song. Couldn’t he have just written a poem or did a spoken word performance? All that he said was true and the production immolates the type of beats that you generally hear on the radio all day every day in these times, I get all of that. If this is on Food & Liquor 2 then I’m not really excited about hearing the rest of the album. I think there may be better ways to reach out and do a public service announcement than creating a song flooded with it. What happened to the Lupe who made “He Say She Say”?? The only problem that I have with this song is that the message should have been directed at those that listen to those types of songs, more like the people that he are talking about. His intentions are not clear at this point to me and I really don’t need clarification ‘cause I really don’t care.


As far as subject matter goes, this is signature Lupe. I initially thought it was just okay but after more listens, this is a pretty good track. The way he tackled it was unique and the end result is a good thought-provoking track. His analysis is on point. The production is questionable but because the beat tied in somewhat to the message behind the track, it’ll do. This track got me looking forward to hearing F&L II to see what other subjects he will tackle.

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