Vault of the Almost Forgotten: Junior M.A.F.I.A. – Conspiracy

I was going through my catalog of music trying to figure out what I wanted to have on my pod for the summer time. One song that I have on blast every summer is that “Get Money” by Junior M.A.F.I.A. So as I started to upload a couple of tracks onto itunes, I decided to listen to the other songs from their ‘The Conspiracy’ album. I have to say that this thing was probably overlooked by a lot of people because it was supposed to be a sequel to Ready to Die. I have to admit til this day I don’t know the name of all of the members of Junior M.A.F.I.A. besides Lil Cease, Lil Kim, and Biggie. As I listened to the album it became obvious that the other members were just as lyrical and their delivery was on point on some of these songs. So here’s how the album sounds to me in the year 2012
The Intro to the album was pretty rugged, I like how they had that D’Angelo “Brown Sugar” bumping in the background as Kim was wild’n on that dude. The intro was definitely made to simulate the beginning of a story about somebody that was out to get the Junior M.A.F.I.A. But then this track comes on…
White Chalk

the mood gets even more gritty. The tone is set by the sample taken from “The What“. Excuse Me is a skit that outlines the mafia’s experience trying to find their friend Larceny who got shot. I don’t really understand the big jump in the story between this song and the intro but it was ’95 and people were just starting out. Realms of the Junior M.A.F.I.A. has a nice vibe to it but it’s like nobody can rhyme over the beat correctly. It sounds like they were trying to emulate something that they heard before. Jamal was on this joint!!

do you think that you can fade Jamal, I fades em all

classic line! Ya’ll already know that the next track will set it off when played at any house party. Enjoy this vintage track.
Player’s Anthem

Clark Kent was on his game back in the day, such a smooth and gentle production. Biggie stood out on this track his delivery and word choices were not to be fucked with. I like how Clark Kent laced in those breaks for Lil Kim, she murked it. I Need You Tonight was a song that had sort of a westside vibe to it. An easy going track that you could chill out to. Aaliyah made an appearance on this joint too, RIP. Another JAM! Take a whiff please…
Get Money

what cha say ungh what cha say what cha say ungh

I love that part. I know that this is an easy going song but if you listen to the lyrics they are 100% authentic. Biggie and Kim gave a lot of people a voice in this song. I’ve Been was kind of a random skit, nigga sounded so lursty. Clark Kent faded again on that Crazaay. Not sure who had the first verse but they came in rippin, so relentless.
Back Stabbers

Lil Kim was vicious with the lyrical game. I like how the lyrics actually reflected the song title. You can tell that she meant every word that she said, the amount of emotion put into it really couldn’t be matched at the time. Shot! is the skit that highlights a conversation detailing the events around Larceny getting shot. The verses in Lyrical Wizardry are so real.

make sure bitches don’t eat when it’s time to shit out them coke balloons

The production to this song wasn’t all that but the lyrics weighed so much that I had no choice but to listen. Oh My Lord, smh such a great track!
Oh My Lord

I can’t believe Special Ed produced this joint. Biggie came in flowing so hard!! Tammy and Natasha!! That sample is so groovy…”niggas say oh my lord“. I like how they described the gear they were wearing at the time. Murder Onze was a song that sounded similar to the songs out during that time. A gully production with lyrics that were finessed. The Outro was the end of the story, they were in the hospital debating whether Larceny was going to die or not.

It’s crazy how you can forget some music especially when it was pretty significant at one time. This Junior Mafia album is definitely something that people need in their collection. I feel that if you have Ready to Die then you probably should own this album as well. Just another forgotten classic in the vault.

The Vault of the Almost Forgotten: Get Rich or Die Tryin Soundtrack

One thought on “Vault of the Almost Forgotten: Junior M.A.F.I.A. – Conspiracy

  1. This album remains on of my fave. I feel like it’s a overlooked classic.

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