8 Million Stories: Fashawn – When She Calls

This track from Fashawn always gets me, he told a very good story. It’s about a guy who’s extremely depressed due to some relationship issues he’s having, i’ll leave it at that. Fashawn tells it from two different perspectives before getting into the tragic and sad ending. You would only think to see a story like this on 20/20 or the ID channel. The Joanna Newsom sample doesnt hurt either as Fashawn incorporates the voice sample into the story well. First time I heard this, all I could say was “damn”. Get a listen.

Fashawn – When She Calls

[Verse 1: Fashawn]
When she called, I had a knife to my wrist
Feeling like life ain’t make sense
See, I just quit my job, sick of flipping burgers
And living in my aunt’s garage
So I just let it ring
Sitting there, drowning in a bottle of Jim Beam
Thinking to myself, she was ‘posed to be my queen
Feel like a bad dream
And I just want to wake up, walked in the house
Caught some nigga digging her out, him and his spouse
Remember when we first confessed we loved one another
I was cool with her pops, she was tight with my mother
As crazy as it sounds, think I still love her
Enough to take my own life, left me with nothing
But a broken heart, suicidal thoughts
A 12-inch blade, real, real sharp
Phone is still ringing, so I picked up the call
Let go of the knife, let it drop to the floor, damn

[Hook: Fashawn]
(When I am sleeping)
Some days, I don’t even want to wake up
(When I am sleeping, I cannot keep the lights)
(When I am sleeping)
Some days, I don’t even want to wake up
(When I am sleeping, I cannot keep the lights)

[Verse 2: Fashawn]
When she called, he had a knife to his wrist
Contemplating if life made sense
See, he just quit his job
Sick of flipping burgers and living in the garage
So he just let it ring
Didn’t even check the caller ID
Thought about his girlfriend cheating on him
He caught her in the bed with another woman
And another man, couldn’t understand how you can crush
A person’s heart in the palm of your hands
Now he’s depressed, even thinking suicidal
Like how you go from a lover to a rival?
Bottle of jag, knife on his lap, death on his mind
Matter of time before he just snaps
But he answers the phone, it’s his mother on the other end
Pleading that he needs to come home
He puts the knife down at the sound of her voice
Hesitant about making that choice
Wrong or right, that phone call might have saved his life
He said to himself


[Verse 3: Fashawn]
She could’ve been his wife, he could’ve been her husband
Could’ve had a family, wonder where the love went
What caused her to be unfaithful, was it him
Or the young stud that she met at the gym?
Always kept a smile, knew how to pretend
Never thought his life might come to an end
She reflects on the days when they were best friends
But this is now, and that was then
She awakes to the news, he committed suicide
Her heart drops and she begins to cry
Thinking of their first kiss back in junior high
Didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye
But it’s because of her, he’s no longer alive
Worst part about it, he never knew why
And everything he thought to be true was a lie
Died with a picture by his side
And a letter that read, it said


Just another episode in my area code, area code
Just another episode in my area code
Some days, I don’t even want to wake up
(When I am sleeping, I cannot keep the night)
Sometimes people get trapped in their mind
They just want to escape
But it feels like they stuck
So we find ways to escape
Some people even hurt themselves
Some hurt others
But it’ll be better tomorrow
It’ll all be better tomorrow, I promise


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