Just my thoughts on DOM Kennedy’s “The Yellow Album”

So I have been gassing this project for the longest, impatiently waiting for this thing to drop. It has finally arrived and I will explain my delayed review. First let me make this disclaimer, I am a DOM Kennedy fan and I think his strongest project to date is The Original DOM Kennedy. I also have to say that I was disappointed in the content provided on From The Westside with Love II. Now that’s out of the way let me get focused. This past Thursday night was a big night, the Heat were playing Game 5 and The Yellow Album was scheduled to drop at 8pm EST. I have to say that I was excited for both events but one event completely disappointed me. Well Lebron won and I’m a fan of the King so that’a good thing, on the other hand when The Yellow Album dropped and I started to listen to the tracks my emotions with south. “WTF is this DOM” was the first thing that popped in my mind. I was expecting something stronger. To me that Original DOM project was his peak and I’m still waiting for him to grow past that peak. I was highly disappointed with what I heard and if it was any other artist I would have shoved that shit right into the Recycle Bin icon on my desktop. After my first listen I looked at the production list and I was floored. Most of the songs were produced by THC which in my opinion was a bad idea. See The Original DOM had productions from THC, Swiff D, Chuck Inglish, Hit Boy, The Futuristiks, and Polyester the Saint. If he would have stuck with a majority of that line up I feel that The Yellow Album could have turned out 10x better. Not to say that DOM doesn’t have any substance to his raps but he is at his best when the production is on point and the mood is authentic. With all that being said I’ll give you a quick synopsis of my thoughts for each song.

So Elastic

Took a few listens for it to grow on me.

I can’t fuck if there ain’t no attachment

The best part of the song comes around 2:40, I like the drum pattern here and that symbol pattern, reminds me of that beat playing in the background of “Bamboo (interlude)

Been Thuggin
I liked when he performed this joint live during the Dom Kennedy tour shows.

these broke hoes always talkin about you should spend something

The production is just aight I wanted better but the lyrics are so tough that I can forgive Fly Union.

We Ballin ft. Kendrick Lamar
I was kind of skeptic of this song at first. It’s definitely catered for DOM instead of Kendrick Lamar but he did his thing on it.

you a created player like Sims nigga

I love that Ric Flair excerpt at the end. The similarities between wrestling and rap artist today are astonishing.

My Type of Party
kudos to DJ Dahi, the best song off the whole fuckin album.

money give me a boner


Girls on Stage
This song took a while to grow on me. Surprised to hear that filter at the beginning of the song, I love that.

everytime a real nigga call your phone pick it up

that’s a classic Dom line right there. I like that R2-D2 sound in the background.

Don’t Call Me ft. Too $hort

A song for the pimps and playas out there! Short dawg!!!

“and I don’t never go to sleep early BITCH”

he said that line so hard, lmao. I was surprised that THC produced this joint, I originally thought Polyester The Saint was on it but good enough.

5.0 Conversations
This song grew on me as well. A nice collab between THC and Polyester.

that fat chocolate ass is like M&M’s

I think this song sounds better inside of your whip, just don’t get the same feel when I listen to it through some headphones.

I need an interview, I’m trying to get down with you

That closing song is smooth as hell.

Gold Alpinas ft. Rick Ross
Not sure if I’m a fan of this song or not. This is the point when I think the Yellow Album starts to make a turn for the worst. Rick Ross did his thing on this track

PG Click ft. Niko G4
Pretty close to garb

“pretty girl with the long hair”

pretty annoying IMO

His lyrics stand out here but the beat makes it unbearable to listen to.

Hangin ft. Freddie Gibbs
That intro was misleading, I felt violated once the beat dropped. Real lyrics but weak ass production.


This reminds of the old DOM!

a lot of people had big plans, I’m just the one that stuck to it
I’m not Jody and you are not no Yvette so before charges get pressed, I’ma go ahead and step

The songs that he tells stories and they sound like a conservation are his best songs.

A decent track. But do you remember the ending to The Original DOM? Well that song makes this song sound like shit.

Well better luck next time DOM. To me I think this album is on the same level of From The Westside with Love II. I can’t say that I will be excited for the next project. I’m not going to tell anybody to go download this joint, I’ma let you follow your instincts on this one.
Top 3 Fav Songs: My Type of Party, So Elastic, & Don’t Call Me

3 thoughts on “Just my thoughts on DOM Kennedy’s “The Yellow Album”

  1. I’m a huge Dom fan and I usually share or agree with your thoughts on most music, not only Dom’s stuff. Initially, I had the same feelings of disappointment with Yellow Album. Didn’t have the same energy as FS/DS, FW$WL1 or OG DK, BUT, the more I listen to Yellow Album the more I like it. Sounds better every single time. Keep listening, wonder if your opinion will change.

  2. the first half of the album has already taken me over, I just hope the latter portion will do the same but I can’t make any promises. thanks for chiming in and the support!

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