“Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian??” (a journey through a conversation and thoughts)

Before you say “ahhh man these guys are resorting to this type of media” take a second and hear me out. Let me take you through my thoughts and how this question popped up in my head. So I’m sitting here watching “Oprah’s Next Chapter”, don’t be hating, she really can interview people and dig into their human nature, I bet if she interviewed Kendrick Lamar she wouldn’t ask any stupid ass questions like “how’s it working with Dr. Dre”. Anyhow during this episode she was interviewing the Kardashian family. So a random thought came to my head about Kanye West.
Kanye used to date Amber Rose and now he’s hanging with Kim K, so I texted my homie like “Kim K or Amber Rose”, by the way he’s a huge Kanye fan. He chose Amber for his reasons but I like Kim, it’s more about the differences in personalities that you see during their good and bad times. Amber just seems a lot more bitchy-er to me. So we got to chatting and I told him that Kanye chunked the deuces up to her and Wiz Khalifa picked up where he left off. I told him that the only reason Wiz can put up with her is because he stay weeded. If you kind of followed Wiz’ career, you can tell that he be lifted more now than ever. He got Juicy J around him, stay “trippy maine”, smh. If you listen to the first few line’s off of Wiz’ “Mia Wallace” you can tell he is already affected by her…

wake up to the cleaning lady knocking and shit, I close the door so I could bake up, cause yesterday we partied the night away, stumbled and closed the —, room full of expensive bags, still all that shit on the floor, but that’s just how you live when your wife’s a motel

Never really heard Wiz express himself in this way until now. How you have to wake up in the morning, look around and see somebody else’s shit on the floor and the first thing you think about is getting high, smh. She must be rough. After all that being said, I told my homie that I would write this post and I had to note that people are drawn to this type of drama. I say that today there are less journalist and more speculators. People love drama, entertainment, and surrealism. People also love to state their opinion and just bring in hate, you rarely see love getting shown in this area of the media. Why is it that more people enjoy this type of post over this other type of post? Floors me. It’s mostly because of the same reason that we posted these two very different pieces, humans are complex. For some reason I don’t share as much passion to put my 2 cents or state my opinions on the everyday affairs of celebs. So I thought I would share 5 things that I do love.

1. A seamless weld: it takes a true artist and perfectionist to master this. The way that metals are joined and the nickel stack finish is just tantalizing to me. It’s truly harmony at work, too fast and you don’t merge the materials, too slow then you bring the materials closer to their failure points.

2. Mornings at the beach: the feeling you get when you’re chillin in the sand listening to the waves digging into the earth. The morning song of the seagulls during the early hunt. The uninterrupted breeze that caresses your face and the smell of the salt water mixed with the aroma of the fresh air. All of that joins to hit a nerve that I rarely get to enjoy during my day to day ventures.

3. An artist at work: There’s nothing like when an artist can truly express themselves. It’s that point when the creator listens to themselves and silences the rest of the world. The external portions of the mind do not affect the moment and creativity is left to roam free. I love seeing an artist just letting it all out and revealing something to you that can’t be expressed through speech.

4. Laughter from a child: There’s nothing more authentic than a child or a baby’s a laughter. Everytime that happens and I’m around I soak up that moment. If a child laughs you 100% know it’s because something is truly funny or amazing to them. Their mind is far removed from other activities and all that rests in their thinking at the moment is that urge to chuckle. There’s no worrying and there’s no fake laughter. They truly don’t care to make another person feel good, the laugh that you are getting is laughter at it’s purest form.

5. Hands after a long day’s work: I don’t know if this is because of symbolism or reality but I appreciate the look of my hands after I finish working on my car, doing yard work, moving, or etc. You know that every grain of grease laced within the pits of your finger nails earned its spot. I care not for how people view the disgusting side of dirty hands but I appreciate that when they look at these hands they know that these hands have worked and they have struggled. Every cut was not in vain, every smudge was precise, and the discoloring tells a story of perseverance and triumph.

These are just a few things that I enjoy and I would comment on anyday of the week. Funny how your mind jumps from one place to another. Sorry this post wasn’t strictly about music. The name of our sight insignuates that we would share our thoughts, which for the most part we do, but we rarely share other thoughts. Hopefully this brings something new to you.

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