My 2 Favorite Tracks from Clams Casino’s Instrumental Tape

Clams released an instrumental tape a while back and I have been listening to it from time to time. I have to say that his productions do more for me than hearing somebody slaughter his beats. I let Satch get a listen to the tape and he said that most of the beats sound the same, I have to agree with his statement. But where we differ in opinion is how we feel about that. I like his beats for the most part, you can tell that he has plenty of potential and I just hope that he continues to grow and put more passion behind it as he goes forward. The two tracks that I enjoy listening to the most are

Human *unreleased

One Last Thing

There’s just something about these two productions that keep me entangled in the beat. Kind of reminds me of Noah “40” Shebib when he was first making his run of the mills.

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