Petition to Have Big Sean Removed from GOOD Music

So I’m at work on my lunch break and I felt like viewing that “Mercy” video. I enjoy listening to this type of music sometimes, it’s a rarity though, mostly because of Kanye. One thing that just frustrates me is that I think that Big Sean just sucks so bad, idk why he is even signed and on a lot of people’s radar. So I got thinking that I can’t be the only one that thinks this so I went to my friend Google and typed in “Big Sean is a terrible”, that’s it, and this is what I came across…click here.. I knew I couldn’t be the only one! People were killing that man in the forum, smh. I don’t think it’s his music that people (well I should say Kanye) are attracted to it’s more about his persona and what he represents as far as confidence and cultural. Still doesn’t make much sense to me but he’s signed and he’s getting his music out. Hasn’t got a dollar or download from me so…

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