Samples from Ab-Soul’s “Control System”

Well since this joint has been out for a minute I feel comfortable looking up the samples and sharing them. There weren’t too many old samples, they’re more obvious this time around. My favorite sample is the one they used for Empathy, smh such a pure song. Aight so peep…

Beautiful Death (sample starts @ 0:01)

Black Lip Bastard remix (sample starts @ 1:05)

Empathy (sample starts @ 0:04)

ILLuminate (sample starts @ 3:00)

Lust Demons (sample starts @ 0:46)

Showin Love (sample starts @ 1:59)

The Book of Soul (sample starts @ 1:44)

The Book of Soul (sample starts @ 0:08)

Track Two (sample starts @ 0:48)

A Rebellion (sample starts @ 0:01)

A Rebellion (sample starts @ 0:01)

One thought on “Samples from Ab-Soul’s “Control System”

  1. I’m almost sure that Ab-Soul sampled a piece from Dogs by Pink Floyd. You can hear it in the background during chorus

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