The Vault of the Almost Forgotten Pt.2: Get Rich Or Die Tryin (Soundtrack)

Every once in a while I ravage through my collection of cd’s and I come across some albums that I haven’t listened to in forever. Most of them are for a good reason but some special ones need to be sync’d to the pod immediately. This morning I did the same thing and I came across the soundtrack to the ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ movie. I remember hearing this album for the first time and thinking “damn I never heard such a good movie soundtrack”. This album definitely came out when 50 was on a roll. So let’s revisit this joint.

Hustler’s Ambition

Such a good song. The lyrics reflect the hustle and the hunger. The production was on point.

What If

I like how 50 made up witty analogies by saying “what if” he were like other artist and stars. You would think it would be annoying but the way he presented it to the listener was smooth. 50 was one of the first artist to get on that harmonizing tip and he actually sounded good doing it.

Things Changed ft. Lloyd Banks & Spider Loc

This guy was above average with his chorus writing game. This song is definitely something to cruise or chill out to. kudos to Sha Money XL for that production, so funky and hard.

You Already Know ft. Lloyd Banks and Young Buck
I remember thinking that this song really didn’t fit in with the other songs.

When Death Becomes You ft. M.O.P.
A tough track but it wasn’t something that I was forced to press repeat on.

Have A Party

Goodness those drums were so hard. Nate Dogg just sounded at home on this joint. 50 was yelling “ggggg g-unit” too much in the background.

We Both Think Alike ft. Olivia

The sample for this track had my face similar to this picture. It was another song that I could bump and just maintain a steady head bob to. Kudos to DJ Khaliil for such a groovy track.

Don’t Need No Help ft. Young Buck
I hated this song. I still skip it to this day. This would have sounded better if Eminem was on it but Young Buck just sounded so terrible.

Get Low ft. Lloyd Banks
I still hear this song sometimes on the radio but it’s mostly the instrumental playing during the ads. Lloyd Banks was smooth with the word play but this song was just a fail for me.
Fake Love ft. Tony Yayo

One of my favorite tracks off the whole soundtrack. Even though Tony wasn’t the best with the rhymes he definitely kept it real.

some people want nothing out of life, some people want it all plus more
money talks and bullshit runs marathons

so true! There’s nothing but lessons in the words Tony speaks in this song. Another reason that I like this song is because of the sample, peep (@ 2:45)

Window Shopper

the top feels so much better than the bottom….so much better

That sounds like a breath of fresh air. This thing was an anthem for the longest time. In the video does Ma$e still have the same shoes on from that Mo Money Mo Problems video??

Born Alone, Die Alone
A very tough song! Havoc on the production. Banks was so hungry back then and when you mix that with talent you get something near perfection.

You A Shooter ft. Mobb Deep
The production is decent but 50’s chorus made this song pop and he made it bearable.

I Don’t Know Officer ft. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, Spider Loc, & Mase

This had to be one of the hardest tracks out at the time. All of the artist were going hard on this track. I bet Flex wanted to drop a bomb on this thing so many times, definitely worth spitting a freestyle over it.

Talk About Me
50 used to talk so much shit in his songs. His personality really took over this song.

When It Rains It Pours

You can tell this is one of those real songs cause you can’t make up thoughts and emotions like that. 100% authentic. I have to give it to Dr. Dre and his crew for providing 50 with this smooth beat. You can hear the agony in 50’s voice, no other artist at the time put so much behind the words they spit.

Best Friend

MY GOODNESS kudos to Hi-Tek, this thing never gets old. 50’s harmonizing game was up to par and the lyrics in this song were excellent. Make a ni99a want to sing along lmao.

I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy ft. Young Buck

You know what I said about ‘I Don’t Know Officer’ earlier, I take that back. This song had to be the hardest track out at the time. 50 knew how to put together a hell of a song. Made me want to ride around grillin people with this song on blast just asking for it to go down. When they played this song during the movie, the visuals matched the feel of the track perfectly.

This album/soundtrack is definitely worth remembering and if you don’t already have it, go cop it. There was so much street knowledge in this album that one would think that they were tough after listening to this joint. I would have to say this the songs off this project were pivotal to the future of hip hop music for sure.

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