How many artist lie in their verses?? Not sure but I know one who does…

For a long time I have been wanting to do this. To clear up some confusion, if there is any, I understand that some artist may exaggerate their lyrics in order to make a point or send a message. I also understand that artist are allowed to rap from the prospective of people they know or just characters they may portray. I respect artist for taking advantage of their creativity for the betterment of mankind but there’s a time when you have to draw the line. So let me bring to your attention a particular verse by the artist known as Uncle Murda that I have to call shenanigans on.
So some years ago on Green Lantern’s Invasion show four lyrical artist came together (a fifth artist set it off then dipped out, clear throat, Joey Buddens) and were put on the spot. The list of artist consisted of Styles P, Uncle Murda, Freeway, and Beanie Siegel. Each artist got to rhyme two times, my focus is on the second verses. I have no gavel with Styles P’s verse. His verse was as real as it gets. You can tell that it was 100% authentic and if he pointed out something radical he used the word “we”, which is acceptable when describing the struggles of a community or a group of people. Freeway’s verse was just as tough as the next man’s. I liked how he put that Different World rhyme together and how he showed respect for the late great Ol Dirty by sampling his opening line to Brooklyn Zoo.

I’m stubborn like my grand pops stopping his meds

I freakin feel that. Beanie Siegel’s verse was on some smooth criminal sh#t. Siegel chose to go in on some aggressive thug style. He also paid homage to another legend, Krs-One with that Criminal Minded line.
Where I’m having the most trouble listening to the freestyles at is when Uncle Murda just decides to rhyme about some ridiculous story and he claims to be the person in it. Check this out.
DJ Green Lantern Invasion Freestyle Pt. – Styles P., Uncle Murda, Beanie Sigel, & Freeway

Let’s break that down for minute.

I’m like aight, and still shot em in his f#ckin face

The story was kind of believable until he got to this point where he basically just shot a dude in the face or his “f#ckin” face right in front of witnesses. I’m highly doubting that this occurred and a google search for recounts of this shooting turned up negative, although there were some articles about Uncle Murda actually getting shot in his head. Shenanigans!

man the whole hood remember that day, for $500 Murda killed TJ

Again, highly unlikely. If the whole hood had remembered such an event, it would be likely that someone would have snitched and Murda wouldn’t be spittin that rhyme in the radio station that day. smh again Shenanigans.

and this ni99a named Jimmy who was snitchin on my team, died in a car accident that’s a beautiful thing

Not quite sure what’s so beautiful about someone dyin in a car accident. Crossed referenced “Jimmy” or “James” with the words “car accident”, “death”, “Pink Housing Projects”, no results so I doubt that happened either. Shenanigans

went to court and told the judge to suck my dick

LMAO, I’ve known some hardcore people in my day and on their worst day they would never tell a judge to suck their johnson & johnson, you would have to be a complete idiot or VERY WELL CONNECTED to even say that to a judge especially when you got time in your mind. Maybe you thought about it or mumbled in under your breath but HELLLLLLL NO you ain’t say that out loud. SHE-NAN-IG-ANS

This is just a damn shame that an artist feels that telling a story like this is all groovy and lyin makes it better. At the minimum replace your name with another characters or don’t even conjure up such a fib. Every time I listen to this freestyle I either skip Uncle Murda’s verse or laugh through the whole thing. I sometimes think that maybe he was intimidated by being in the room with some of the hardest spitting artist ever and having to match up, but this was a total failure. In the words of Cris CarterCOME ON MAANNN!

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