The Favs: Sample

I have a favorite sample every week it seems but this one always remains. I only listen to the first 1:38 of it then turn it off. This has always been one of my favs because of the tones and notes hit by the singers. The person singing from the Dynamic Superiors is letting it all out, from when he yells “nothing like it” with the background singers echoing behind him, to the intro and the powerful ending. You cant help but to feel it, it sounds incredible. He got a unique voice and can hit those real high notes smoothly. Kanye pretty much looped the voices which I dont blame him, the sample is nice like it is but he adds a bassline melody that took it over the top for me. Beanie Sigel did his thing over it as well.

Dynamic Superiors – Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing (listen to first 1:38)

Beanie Sigel – Nothing Like It (produced by Kanye West)

My favorite sample doesn’t change as often as Satch’s but I do dabble every now and then. This particular sample I have been listening to religiously for years. I have to confess that I fast forward to the 4:00 mark, that’s when the drama builds and I get ready for something fantastic. It just sounds like the band was going off in a tangent and letting it flow. The horns were amazing and the drummer was keeping it all together but funky at the same time. The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League flipped the sample wonderfully for Rick Ross.

David Oliver – I Wanna Write You A Love Song(start listening at 4:00)

Rick Ross – Luxury Tax ft. Lil Wayne & Trick Daddy(Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

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