Danny Brown – Drinks On Me

This song always have me zoning out. This production is so soulful, kudos to Quelle, reminds me of some of Dilla’s work. It’s kind of weird that Danny doesn’t sound like himself on this song, freaky. Continue reading

Crazy Verse: 4 Ize – Mouthing Off

This verse still gets me 12 years later. He had some nice wordplay and plenty of  humorous lines. He kinda stole the show from Ludacris on this one. Get a listen.

Yo, I am going to blow up the Earth
With my Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator
Buddha be praised, you meditator
Drop Squad interrogator, 85 percent regulator
The Educator and the Almighty Creator, dedicator
The seperater of fiction, I spark friction
Smoking “Hay” without the Crucial Conflict-ion
4-Ize prescription: microphone. Jackie Stallone
Psychic prediction, Egyptian description
Of my physical, my flesh is weak and it’s pitiful
Spiritual is hooked up to the invisible
Umbilical cord of my Lord, Kumbiya Devine Kah
Remove paper of tar from every cigar
I slap authority like Gabor, Zsa Zsa
Half Allah, Half Antichrist Superstar
Rocking the microphone with a hand like Dr. Claw
While I’m hitting trees harder than Sonny Bono
Double Dragon, mixed up with an Abobo
I kill villains in slow-mo for talking crazy in my dojo
Got nothing to lose, like I’m a boxcar hobo
When I get Ludacris with Bridges on the promo
Niggas wanna clown, I’m Homey and Bozo
Cause in the Grand Prize Game, my Life Calling like Jo Jo
The name sticks like Toto
I keep it realer than alien autopsy photo
You similar to a Spice Girl going solo
You lost like BeBe, or a dog named Toto
My statue of liberty is Rebecca Lobo
We Cop Robo, virgo
Bust ass like a motherfucking homo, como estas?
Tony Del Negro, built to destroy these kids’ blocks of Legos
L’eggo my Eggo cause I say so
Hold the microphone, 4-Ize, I stay gifted
Manifested, elevated, I uplifted
The elevator, the esclator. “That’s not a knife?
That’s a knife!” Crocodile Dundee, the alligator rustler
Cause I hustle ya, under the China
Big Trouble, little sewer, but still I find ya
Cause I’m stinky, manifest, throw you down the stairs like a slinky
Yo, my third eye is blinky

The Jungle

This is the track that introduced me to the work of Hassaan Mackey a few years ago. Of course, the beat is what attracted me first as I heard that sample somewhere before and the drum loop is something serious, it has a live feel almost. You got this funky groove over these soft voice samples and eerie ‘quantom leap‘ type melody. My head bob was in overdrive.  Could you ask for more from a beat?

“When you hood, how you turn all of the violence off and give God the glory for your story when your lights are off?”

Once I got over the high of the production, I took a deep listen into the lyrics to see if they captured the same energy as the beat. His voice has a gritty tone to it with a flow that rode this beat so well. He describes various aspects of the ‘concrete jungle’ well with a lot of passion and energy, the subject matter is real. No complaints here, the realer the better. I easily got visuals from his descriptions; descriptive tracks like this deserve some video treatment. Bilal’s added vocals was a nice touch, I think it added even more passion to the track.

“Living within a circle that I still feel boxed in…”

I’ve heard plenty other tracks from Hassaan Mackey since then but this one always gets the most rotation in my pod. Get a listen. If anyone know this sample, let me know. Continue reading

Song of the Week (outside of hip hop)

This week’s selection is definitely the type of music that Leonardo Di Caprio would make love to in a movie scene. Discovered this band a while back, maybe a few years ago. Haven’t really listened to their music lately, this song just reminds me how I should revisit a lot of my older indie music more often. This song is simple and soothing. The piano is a hell of an instrument, similar to how cocaine is a hell of a drug. So take a sniff of this week’s selection. Continue reading

8 Million Stories: Nas – Last Real Ni&&a Alive

“Yall dont know bout my Biggie wars…”

Nas took the time to break it all down in detail on his come up and various incidents with other rappers. Some people says it was one of his disses to Jay-Z, nah, there’s a few lines there but not enough to call it a diss song. First time I heard this I must’ve repeated it 5 times. I always liked how he told it. It’s not only a deep track but a narrative that will keep your ear to the speaker. Get a listen to some non-fiction below. Continue reading

How many artist lie in their verses?? Not sure but I know one who does…

For a long time I have been wanting to do this. To clear up some confusion, if there is any, I understand that some artist may exaggerate their lyrics in order to make a point or send a message. I also understand that artist are allowed to rap from the prospective of people they know or just characters they may portray. I respect artist for taking advantage of their creativity for the betterment of mankind but there’s a time when you have to draw the line. So let me bring to your attention a particular verse by the artist known as Uncle Murda that I have to call shenanigans on. Continue reading

Your Thoughts?

A while back I took a survey on what collaboration project people would love to see come to light. The main competitors were Nas & Common or J.Cole & Kendrick Lamar. A surprising amount of people choice J.Cole & Kendrick Lamar over Nas/Common. Now that we are pretty sure that the Cole & Kendrick project will actually be released, I am curious to see which project people are now more excited to hear.