Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe (album review)

I believe this is the first review that I have done that is not necessarily hip hop. People have been hyping Santigold’s new album that is set to release April 24 (UK) and May 1st (US) entitled Master of My Make-Believe. I have always considered Santigold to be one of those artist that releases some fresh songs from time to time but not an artist that I would purchase her whole album, well not until now. This new album is something extra fresh and when it drops I’m pretty sure it will have no problem living up to the hype. Well here’s what I think of each song from the album…peep…

I think this is the only song off the album that I have skipped. The beat was just unbearable for me.

Desparate Youth
Well you already know how I feel about this song from earlier on this week.

God From The Machine

I didn’t know what to think about this song after I saw the title but it totally blew me away. It’s techy and it has an adventurous vibe to it. The bridge near the end of the song was mind boggling to say the least. Who ever was on the guitar was killin.

Initially I was thinking that this song was going to be corny but as soon as that bass came in, my body just lost control ha! The hook is sick as hell. My face=

There’s one portion of the song that sounds like they recorded the exhaust notes from a motorcycle, pretty creative IMO. What I enjoyed the most about this song was the energy level, top notch.

Freak Like Me
This song definitely has an eastern feel to it mixed that with Jamaican tang. You could definitely bump this while driving in a Jeep Wrangler with the doors completely missing.

This Isn’t Our Parade

The intro’s to her songs thus far have been totally misleading and this song is no different. There’s something special about her voice on this song that keeps your ears glued to the speaker. This track provokes a head bob but the lyrics are somewhat sensual. The structure of the song was not extremely complex but it was made with care which paid off.

The Riot’s Gone
This song reminds me of a type song that Florence & the Machine would make. It may be because the chorus is layered. The production just mashes with her voice so well and her lyrics are serious. Another crazy bridge, very impressive work.

Pirate in the Water
I barely could understand what she was saying in the song but it sounded great.

The Keepers
Not really feeling the drum pattern on this song. It sounds like a mix between those 80’s pop songs and some Gloria Estefan music. Not really feel this track that much. Not sure if I would necessarily skip this song though.

Look At These Hoes

Straight out the gate, I like her flow on this song. This track had my head moving so fast. Reminds me of something that Kanye would produce. She is basically addressing all those hoes out there, saying that none of them can f#ck with her.

Big Mouth
The intro was tremendous.

This thing will have you fist pumpin for sure. An interesting music video.

I have to say that this album showed that Santigold is an artist that really cares about the music. The level of complexity of the songs were amazing IMO. There truly was never a dull moment because the energy level stayed high. I enjoyed how she took risk by experimenting with different flows and notes. Her tones really mashed well with the productions. Speaking of the productions they were very nice. This album does not sound like her previous one at all, it’s a display of an artist that has grown into something beautiful. I just hope that I don’t wear this album out too quickly. Definitely worth a purchase and immediate sync to your pod. All the DJ’s out there, you won’t go wrong with this album, will definitely get the bodies moving. The album just has such an international feel to it. Hands down the best album of this year thus far.
Overall Rating: 7.9/10
Top 3 Fav Songs: Fame, Disparate Youth, and This Isn’t Our Parade

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