My Experience at the This Is DOM Kennedy Tour Show in NYC

Like most people already know, I’m a huge DOM Kennedy fan and I was lucky to see him perform this past week at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. So here’s how it went down.
So we got to the venue extra early so that we can possibly get some seating (that 9 to 5 have a brother tired sometimes and I’m not trying to stand up for 4 hours until the performance start). So we get there early and get a seat in the “limited access” section. The Highline Ballroom is a nice size with a huge floor and very limited seating and bars everywhere just like every other venue. After chowing down on some finger foods and getting our drinks the show was pretty much about to start. Initially I was thinking that the crowd was going to be small but as it got closer to show time that place packed up, evidently they SOLD OUT as well.

The first opening act for DOM was this live band called Kids These Days. I’m not going to front, their set was pretty good and they actually could have had their own show. The rapper in their group spit his verses with so much adrenaline and his breath control was amazing. My homie really enjoyed them, so much that he was actually going to cop some merch. Peep a snippet from one of their songs…

Their set lasted like 40 minutes, all in all they were satisfactory but the next dudes were not so good. It’s this dude named Rich Hil and a dude from Philly’s Most Wanted, Boo-Bonic. Their set was just so terrible. Rich Hil couldn’t really make it through his songs, too much smoking bro. I was happy that he couldn’t make it through the songs because they were unbearable. The songs were about nothing and they kept shouting “support your local drug dealer”, a terrible promotion coming from these guys. Most of their beats sounded alike and I was ready for DOM to hit the stage. Finally they finished torturing us and I was like “yes now let’s get the bid-ness”. WRONG! Next to the stage was DJ John John, I kept laughing because of the name of the DJ. He was decent but too much talking over the beat. Once he finished spinning I thought that DOM was finally going to come to the stage but Polyester stepped on next. I wish that Polyester would have replaced Rich Hil and J 305 would have replaced Boo-Bonic. Only complaint I have here was that Polyester’s set was short but he did open up for the first DOM song and he made a beat right there on stage, phenomenal.

When DOM hit the stage, every body went wild. The girl behind me was dancing so hard that I thought that she was going to lose it. I have to say that I enjoyed watching the show from the so called VIP section, I could actually breath. What I enjoyed the most about DOM’s performance was that he performed songs that he wanted to perform irregardless of what others wanted to hear. He even performed a song from the Yellow Album! (can’t wait till it drops). The main guest features that he had were J-305 and Smoke DZA. I was surprised when Smoke DZA came out and hardly anybody knew who this ni99a was. I think I saw one dude dancing hard when Smoke DZA came out and that’s about it, isn’t he from NYC?? It may have been because Cali was in the house deep that night. The DJ really did a great job at helping DOM control the flow of the show, he even ripped up some breaks and his cutting skills were on point. DOM covered a wide variety of songs from “Watermelon Sundae” to “Grind’n” to “OpM”. He ended the show with “Dom’s Prayer” and showed his appreciation for the fans and their support. As we were leaving he was still in there signing autographs and shaking hands, that’s part of the reason that I like DOM, he’s extra humble with it. I got some more videos of the show below.

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