8 Million Stories: Cam’ron – D Rugs

This is a creative story that is told in a unique way and Cam does it well. D Rugs was a guy who was in Cam’s life in various ways when he was a teen. He brought joy and pain to him and his mother; a sad but true story told over a real nice Willie Hutch sample which is titled “Mother’s Theme“. It kinda crazy how this all ties together. Get a listen. Continue reading

Knocka – Keeping it Real (Words to A$AP Rocky)

Looks like there’s a story out there that hasn’t been exposed fully. This was the first “diss” in a while that I’m actually impressed with. The lyrics seem to be factual from and he actually rode the beat nicely for the most part. Knocka brought Rocky’s family into it so I’m not sure how well this is going to play over. Peep Continue reading

You Can Doubt Me Now

I remember the first I heard this joint from a friend who loved anything Hypnotized Minds, I was blown away. I’m thinking, “this dude is going in and that bass real smooth”. With the right speakers, the bass in this track is real strong. Lil Wyte got a nice flow and that’s what caught my attention. He’s nice on the mic and with production solely by DJ Paul and Juicy J you can’t go wrong. His debut album turned out to be very good, I enjoyed it. At one point, this joint was on repeat along with many other tracks from him. Anybody out there a fan a Lil Wyte too? There have been very few people who even know about him back then. If you like Three 6 Mafia, you will like his first album. It’s a hidden gem for sure.

Song of the Week (outside of hip hop)

Bored at work so why not post the song of the week! This week’s selection comes from a band called Warpaint. I discovered this band this past weekend while chillin at the coffee shop. This song came on and I happened to notice that I was bobbing my head while sipping. Asked the barista what the name of the band was and he supplied me with it. Here’s this week’s selection Continue reading

This Is DOM Kennedy Tour pt. 3

Looks like people showed DOM in the Midwest too. They kept playing that 8 Million Stories by Jay 305, thang is straight up gully. These tour videos make me wanna quit my job and hit up the homies like let’s hit the road.

Lykke Li – Little Bit (video)

With over 8 million views, you would have thought that somebody would have informed me that there was a video to this song. I love this song, and it’s not because of Drake, was on it way before he decided to put his 2 cents on it no good reason. Too bad that more of her songs don’t live up to this track.

Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe (album review)

I believe this is the first review that I have done that is not necessarily hip hop. People have been hyping Santigold’s new album that is set to release April 24 (UK) and May 1st (US) entitled Master of My Make-Believe. I have always considered Santigold to be one of those artist that releases some fresh songs from time to time but not an artist that I would purchase her whole album, well not until now. This new album is something extra fresh and when it drops I’m pretty sure it will have no problem living up to the hype. Well here’s what I think of each song from the album…peep… Continue reading