Clams Casino – I’m God

Came across this video while searching for some songs by Clams and I was like damn this is some mellow sh#t. Then I got to thinking, where have I heard this song before…hmmm…well… Continue reading

Nardwuar vs A$AP Rocky

Didn’t realize that the mob was down to earth like that. Nardwuar is the king of interviews, he could find sugar in a snow storm. I’m glad that Nardwuar requested that Rocky introduce the members of his crew. “Crack Baby” truly resembles his name, lmao. When he pulled out that Harlem World vinyl I was about to freak out, that’s that good good right there. I for real didn’t know that ‘Peso’ was a sample of that S.O.S. song. “how do you know Desiree”, lmao, Nardwuar trying to get at that huh!

2 Pusha T tracks that I can’t get enough of…

Not sure what sparked my interest in Pusha T’s work lately but there’s two tracks that I can’t stop listening to. I remember when that Til The Casket Drops dropped I was glued to that thing but never took an interest in their solo work. There’s just something about these two tracks that provokes a head bob and entice me to listen to them over again. Check them out… Continue reading

I Got Millions and I’m Still Broke

For those of you who used to listen to Rich Boy, ya’ll will remember this one. A co-worker way back when put me on Rich Boy’s solo debut, it was solid but there was one song that always stood out to me and til this day, I still enjoy. “Let’s Get This Paper” is the best track I’ve heard from him. It showed me that had more to talk about than D’s, kinda deep and also that Polow Da Don was nice on the beats. Listen to that choir and those congo drums in the background, ahh man. Rich Boy killed this joint with much energy and passion. The video is just as nice. After that, he just fell off the map and disappeared…damn.

Rich Boy – Let’s Get This Paper (full version)

Big K.R.I.T. – 4Eva N A Day Mixtape Review

I’ve been looking forward to this album and honestly, I felt that KRIT would deliver so we’ll see if I was right. The theme here is following KRIT from the start to finish of his day. You gotta love that album cover, hopefully I love the music just as much. Let’s get into it.

1. 8:04AM (skit)
The start of the day. Good words from KRIT

2. Wake Up

“Gotta be realistic, stop talking and listen, cause at the blink of an eye your life’ll pass you by, good Lord you missed it”

KRIT start the tape in similar fashion as his last with the “get up and do your thing” theme (see Rise & Shine). This is a smooth tune with a nice long sax note that makes it mellow to the 10th degree. It’s kind of a short song but KRIT still manage to drops some wisdom.┬áNice track. Continue reading

Song of the Week (outside of hip hop)

In the spirit of the St. Patrick’s Day weekend this week’s selection comes from a band that a lot of people haven’t heard of. Well let me put it this way, people wouldn’t recognize the name but people would recognize the song. I’m not sure if they would exactly know the name of the song even though it may seem obvious if you have been listening to it for years. I don’t know how other places of the world celebrated St. Patty’s day yesterday but the New England/New York area went bananas. I’m still seeing green and my breath reeks of Guinness and Jameson. So here’s this week’s selection. Continue reading

Nas, Mobb Deep, Raekwon Freestyle on Yo! MTV Raps

The essence, all 3 at their peaks. Nice verses of course. Damn I wish I had all the old episodes of Yo MTV Raps. This was before my time that I was listening to hip hop hard (pre-’96). Mobb Deep fresh off the release of The Infamous. The whole Nas, WuTang, Mobb Deep, CNN connection they had back then was nice to see and resulted in some classic tracks, in this case, “Eye for An Eye“. Peep the Wu Wear gear.