New Obsession: Kendrick Lamar – Cartoon & Cereal

When this track first came out I was semi addicted to it. It’s like nothing that I’ve ever heard come out of the hip hop forum. I didn’t want to immediately post it to our site, mainly because the web was flooded with it. Thought I’d share with you all the parts that keep fueling my addiction…peep.

1. The channel surfin at the beginning of the song – I initially paid little attention to this part until I got to thinking more about the title of the song and the overall concept. It’s pretty creative how it mashed well with the format. The channel surfing extends into the bridge of the song as well.

2. The stuttering and smooth flow of Kendrick Lamar’s verses – I like how every word is doubled down during the verse. The voice changes help to add drama to message of the song.

3. “Now I was raised in a sand box, next to you and her, he was holding a hand gun, she was giving birth, to a baby born to be just like you, I was what that’s worth, I wonder if you ever knew that you was a role model to me first…” – This part can be very personal or very general. The symbolism of the kids in a sandbox match that of the story of stereotypical hood relationships and how the youth look up to the ones who live a life that may not match the one approved by society.

4. There is a whining sound in the background of the beat (starts at ~00:56). There’s something about that sound that makes the track sound so airy and gives it that demonic feel. I wonder if that sound was composed by a violin or was it some type of horn melody with the pitch and tempo altered.

Kendrick Lamar – Cartoon & Cereal

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