“Who’s the best MC, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas”: Which album pair would you choose?

Random text conversation we were having yesterday that we decided to bring to the site. Which artist pair would you choose?

: so what’s your preference…..Life After Death and Ready to Die; Illmatic and Stillmatic; or Reasonable Doubt & Blueprint?
Satchford: That’s extremely tough, more so between Nas and BIG. I’m looking at the overall pkg. Let me think on it…
SwagGordon: it is a hard pick for sure
SwagGordon: each album gives off a different feel
Satchford: I think you can go through each album, not skipping any songs
SwagGordon: not sure about that
SwagGordon: I skip a few songs on The Blueprint
Satchford: I know I can, def for BIG and Nas
Satchford: Yea me too, only a couple though
Satchford: Life After Death had so many different tracks
Satchford: From Sky’s The Limit to Whats Beef to I Love The Dough
SwagGordon: there’s a couple tracks at the end of Reasonable Doubt that I skip
Satchford: Only thing I skip on R.Doubt is Can I Live II
SwagGordon: but it followed a particular theme
Satchford: Yes it did
SwagGordon: it had a storyline to it
SwagGordon: them mad rapper skits were hilarious
Satchford: this is true
Satchford: Stillmatic was pretty much a perfect album for me
Satchford: Along with illmatic
SwagGordon: psssh
Satchford: I can let Stillmatic ride
SwagGordon: Stillmatic had plenty of skippables for me
Satchford: Can’t agree
SwagGordon: I think that most of those songs wore down on me early
SwagGordon: too much repeat button action
Satchford: Ok, maybe skip “Braveheart Party” but it wasnt THAT bad
Satchford: I hear you
SwagGordon: let me see what I skipped on that thang
SwagGordon: I pretty much skipped from track 11 to the end of the album
Satchford: the end of the album was on a political tip a lil bit but I like it
SwagGordon: question….”if they wrote a book on your life, you think anybody would read it?”
Satchford: No fuckin doubt!
SwagGordon: ha!
SwagGordon: out of all these albums
SwagGordon: I can only blaze Ready to Die, from front to back, no skips
Satchford: Agreed
SwagGordon: my favorite hip hop song ever is on Life After Death so my selection goes to Biggie
Satchford: Bias?
SwagGordon: if the first 10 tracks off Stillmatic were up to Illmatic’s caliber then I would have chosen Nas
SwagGordon: but it’s hard to compare those 10 tracks to Life After Death or Ready to Die
Satchford: Yea im looking at the overall pkg
SwagGordon: yea same here, just saying Stillmatic was weak comparatively
SwagGordon: even if I just chose 1 of the double discs from Life After Death, nothing changes
Satchford: I would say the same for Life After Death compared to Ready To Die….doesnt compare
Satchford: Ready To Die is the best BIG album
SwagGordon: but that’s the same artist
Satchford: You compared Still to ill
SwagGordon: I’m just saying that if Stillmatic was up to the level of Illmatic then it would be easy to say that Nas would be my selection
Satchford: Its not?
SwagGordon: Ilmatic just carries so much weight
Satchford: True but its a great album
SwagGordon: not doubting its greatness just comparing to Biggie’s albums
Satchford: Understood
SwagGordon: I thought that we would show more support for Reasonable Doubt
SwagGordon: the complexity of its lyricism makes it a hard competitor
Satchford: R.Doubt is a top 3 album in my list but Blueprint is what killed it for me
SwagGordon: same here
Satchford: I like it but not like Stillmatic or Life After Death
Satchford: Im going to go with BIG, edging Nas out just barely. Jay-Z comes in last here for me.
SwagGordon: Big just had so much swaggy to his delivery
SwagGordon: comedic but raw at the same time
Satchford: Yea, G.O.A.T?
SwagGordon: man idk
Satchford: Thats a discussion for another day

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