Schoolboy Q’s First Headliner Show Last Night (my experience)

Last night Schoolboy Q had his first headliner show and lucky for me it was in the city so I got a chance to attend the event. Let me tell you how the night went….peep
So I wanted to attend this Schoolboy Q event at Santos Party House, so I grabbed up one of my homies after a company event and ducked out to head back into the city. My homie kept asking me did it matter what time I wanted to show up to the spot and I was like nah he probably won’t be on the stage until like 9 or 10 anyways. Well that was a semi-bad decision call. It was good because I didn’t care to hear much from Kris Kasanova nor the Flatbush Zombies. The bad part came when we showed up to the spot at like 8 or 8:30 and we saw this…

Yea that’s the line to the door, that sh%t cray. So once I saw this I told my homie that if we don’t get in there in time then we can dip out to somewhere else, Schoolboy Q is cool but idk if he worth bum-rushing the door for. Surprisingly enough, after only an half hour the line started to move up steadily and we made it inside in time enough to catch like 3 or 4 songs from Kris Kasanova. Hearing his music live was just a tad bit better than the mp3. Overall dude is an average MC that can pick better than average beats, that’s it. So after Kris Kasanova finished his set, Sheist came on stage and introduced Flatbush Zombies. My homie asked should we move closer to the stage and I was like nah we good posted up midway. There were two main reasons that I didn’t want to get too close to the stage. The first reason was because of this…

I wasn’t trying to squeeze my way through that crowd, be done rubbed somebody the wrong way and a fight break out. It was mostly a sausage conference in there so I knew that would probably pop off. The second reason that I did not want to move too close to the stage was because of the chances of a body landing on me from a stage dive and trust me that happened during the Flatbush Zombie’s performance. I looked to my left up front and saw a body flying into the crowd #faceplant. I would have to say that the Flatbush Zombies had a bunch of energy but their songs were just terrible. At one point I caught the one dude with the leopard patterned hair stealing Danny Brown’s flow, smh. I was glad their set didn’t last long. After that Sheist introduced Meka from 2dopeboyz onto the stage to chop it up on the one’s and two’s. He did a pretty good job at first but the ending of his set wasn’t all that.

Finally the moment had come for SBQ to take the stage. Check out some of the beginning of his set.

He had a nice little plan to his performance. He covered a lot of songs from Setbacks at first. He kept the crowd going and at one point I saw him jump off the stage into the crowd and it was total chaos. The way he MC’ed the show was excellent, I was getting rowdy in there but the dude next to me was feeling it a bit too much, and he wasn’t even wasted. His chick was busted as hell, lmao. Schoolboy Q used the intermission between Setback and Habits and Contradictions to talk with the crowd about his life and take some preempted requests from the audience for songs to perform next. He went directly into features after that. I was so amped, I swore that he would bring out ASAP Rocky during “Hands on the Wheel” or “Brand New Guy” but unfortanely that did not go down. But he did show up with somebody else…

“Druggy With Hoes” is a jam and the crowd showed the proper respect for it when it was performed. After the features he performed some cuts from Habits and Contradictions (There He Go, Oxy Music, Nightmare on Figg St). Then he stopped near the end of the show and showed his appreciation for people showing up and supporting his music. He went right into “Blessed”, at this point I was thinking that he might bring out Kendrick Lamar by the way he lead into the track but in the back of my mind I knew that wasn’t going down.

Overall I would have to say that it was a good show and the energy was great. After SBQ’s performance was over we dipped out, too many sausages to stay up in that piece and party. #Hiiipower

3 thoughts on “Schoolboy Q’s First Headliner Show Last Night (my experience)

  1. I agree with Tyler! U r a funny judge of music. I know millions of people who love Flatbush Zombies even people not located in the U.S. Seeing how the crowd loved their set and knew all the words to every song proves their songs arent horrible. AND please show me a rapper who hasnt borrowed a flow or a line or two or even remixed a song a thousand times. Sweetie, I assure u, ur favorite rapper has!

  2. True I am all over the place when it comes to music. Who knows next year i could be gassin Flatbush Zombies, but that night i was not feelin their music

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