As an avid fan of sampling, I love to hear when producers chop the original song beyond recognition. The loops are cool too, some samples are just too dope to chop. In this case, the Arthur Verocai track, “Na Boca do Sol”, was taken both ways. Even though I have no earthy idea was Arthur Verocai is saying, the groove is on point. Most notably, 9th Wonder looped it for Ludacris’ “Do The Right Thing”. That was a nice track. MF Doom took it a slight step further, speeding it up and using other pieces of the sample. I love the rapping part of his beat, its kind of hypnotic and vintage altogether.  Get a listen. 

Arthur Verocai – Na Boca do Sol

Ludacris ft Common & Spike Lee – Do The Right Thing (produced by 9th Wonder)

MF Doom – Orris Root Powder

Until now, those were the only two tracks I knew that sampled the Arthur Verocai track. So today, I was randomly listening to some Oddisee beats and came upon a favorite of mine, “Everyday People”, and in the track there’s a piece that has a small flute note – thats what caught my ear. So I started digging and sure enough, it sampled the same Arthur Verocai track. Oddisee chopped the hell out of that track and took it to a whole different level. Finds like this make me appreciate the beat so much more. All 3 tracks are nice in my opinion with thanks to Arthur Verocai for putting together such a excellent original song. You can’t go wrong with a sample like that. Get a fix below.

Oddisee – Everyday People

3 thoughts on “Ginsu.

  1. Holy shit. Your website is the inside of my brain. I’m a huge Brazilian samba fan – but also love Little Brother. And love to hear where samples come from. I need someone to DJ mix this.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you are a sample lover as well. We have plenty of sample posts on the site, check them out.

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