Keep Yo Headdd Up!

Although I have neither type of automobile, this joint had me bouncing on the highway at 7am the other day. The vibe of it just gives you a good feeling and an ignorant head bob. Lost Boyz knew how to make a good chorus for sure. I remember reading an interesting little story about this beat while reading about the making of Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready To Die. I never knew there was a connection between the two.

Regarding “Big Poppa“:
“Puff said he wanted to use “Between The Sheets”. He said loop it. Me and Chucky went in – that’s when he moved the studio to the Hit Factory, and we produced it in there. That song was actually supposed to be for Mr. Cheeks, the Lost Boyz. We gave that song to the Lost Boyz. And then something happened and Puff was like, “Get that song back,get it back from him.” We traded them for another track. Remember that song “Jeeps, LexCoups, Bimaz & Benz?” That track Easy Mo Bee did for Craig Mack. That was going to follow up “Flava In Ya Ear”, but Craig didn’t like it. He couldn’t rhyme to it or something. So we ended up trading that track to the Lost Boyz for “Big Poppa”. Both of those songs became hits, so I guess it was a good trade.”

You got to love the underlying stories to these classic tracks. Get a fix below.

Lozt Boyz – Jeeps, Lex Coupes, Bimaz & Benz

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