He Had To Sample This

Listen to the Nottz produced “Ya Heard” from Game’s L.A.X. album and then listen to Common’s “Thelonious” off the Like Water From Chocolate album. Both tracks are nice, but there is something I been wondering for a minute and thought was an interesting find. I think Nottz sampled and/or used elements from Common’s jam. There are no sample credits for “Ya Heard” in the album booklet (one of the samples is Newcleus’ Jam On It) but listen to three things in the 2 tracks:

  1. Groove of the track
  2. “Right!”
  3. Singing in the background.

This is only my suspicion so of course I could be wrong but it’s mad close in my opinion. Get a listen and see what you think.

Game – Ya Heard (produced by Nottz)

Common – Thelonious (produced by J Dilla)

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