Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius (WZRD) – WZRD (album review)

Seeing that people have been bashing this album all over the web and very few people seem to like it, I had to get me a copy and do this review. I wasn’t too familiar with what type of concept they were aiming for on this project but I kind of a had a feeling once Cudi announced his sobriety a while back. It’s pretty interesting to see what they could make especially after hearing about his writer’s block issue as well. Aight let’s get into it. Continue reading

8 Million Stories: Fabolous – I Miss My Love

“I Miss My Love” is a story of betrayal, love, and trust. Fabolous paints cinematic visuals that follow him from the start to the finish of an interesting journey with a drug dealer who’s girlfriend was almost his downfall. With the right production, this track flows well and delivers a great story. I’ve found that parts of this story is loosely based on a Sopranos storyline, remember Christopher and Adriana? Nevertheless, its an impressive story by Fabolous. Get a listen and see what you think.

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Radio Galaxy samples a Kid Cudi song??

It’s hard to write and watch the All Star game at the same time but I must let others know what I heard before I forget about it. So today I was doing some cleaning and I decided to blast Kid Cudi’s ‘Man on the Moon’ album since his new project is scheduled to release this Tuesday! So by now everybody knows how that album goes and what level the music is on. It has some space age to it and most of the tracks reflect that theme. So I get to one track from the album called “Enter Galactic (Love Connection Pt. 1)” and Continue reading

The Weeknd – The Knowing (video)

One of my favorite The Weeknd songs receives some visuals and they are truly creative. The video basically adds a small story to the meaning of the song where a character who resembles the Weeknd gets in a dispute with what looks like his girlfriend. They break up and this is represented by the splittig of the planets and the male and female signs that coincide with them. Since the song is one of agony and sorrow the female character in the video steals The Weeknd’s heart. What looks like aliens try to replace his heart with other objects but it doesn’t work for him so he has to retrieve it from the female. It’s the whole tragic story of relationships gone bad. The visuals are creative with the 2-D imaging and all of the symbolism.


As an avid fan of sampling, I love to hear when producers chop the original song beyond recognition. The loops are cool too, some samples are just too dope to chop. In this case, the Arthur Verocai track, “Na Boca do Sol”, was taken both ways. Even though I have no earthy idea was Arthur Verocai is saying, the groove is on point. Most notably, 9th Wonder looped it for Ludacris’ “Do The Right Thing”. That was a nice track. MF Doom took it a slight step further, speeding it up and using other pieces of the sample. I love the rapping part of his beat, its kind of hypnotic and vintage altogether.  Get a listen.  Continue reading

Keep Yo Headdd Up!

Although I have neither type of automobile, this joint had me bouncing on the highway at 7am the other day. The vibe of it just gives you a good feeling and an ignorant head bob. Lost Boyz knew how to make a good chorus for sure. I remember reading an interesting little story about this beat while reading about the making of Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready To Die. I never knew there was a connection between the two. Continue reading