Sample to Nas’ “Queens Get The Money”

Tonight I took it back and listened to that Nas ‘Untitled’ album and my favorite song off that album is that Queens Get The Money. I got to wondering what sample Jay Electronica (by the way where is that guy??) used to make the beat with so I looked it up and it doesn’t seem like anybody knows 100%. Well here’s the story from how I understand it. If you haven’t heard the Nas song please take a listen…

Nas – Queens Get The Money

they pray please God let him spit that oozie in the army lining, that shorty doo-wop, rollin oo-ops in the park reclining

Rumor has it that Jay Electronica sampled the theme song to the ‘I Am Sam’ movie. I can’t hear the sample in the theme song but a majority of the people out there seem to think that this is absolutely the song. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

John Powell – I Am Sam (theme)

Yea I know, it’s a long ass song right. Nobody has yet to point out where exactly in that song does the sample start and/or end. So I decided to call “shannagans” on this sample claim and figure out what the other option could be. So through my browsing I came across this song.

Yann Tiersen – Summer 78

This song sounds like it was used for the Queens Get The Money song. I’m not sure who came up with the idea to say, “hey the sample came from the John Powell song”, but if they listened to this song I’m pretty sure they would change their mind. What do you think?? Is this the true sample??

2 thoughts on “Sample to Nas’ “Queens Get The Money”

  1. I know you wrote this like 6 months ago but I was trying to figure out where the hell the sample came from too! Even though that Summer 78 song sounds closer than the I am Sam song, doesn’t sound close enough to be called a sample to me

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