Tattooing A Former Fugee

I was watching NY Ink the other, which is one of my favorite shows on right now, and John Forte walks in to get some new ink. Well John Forte is a former Fugee, mostly writing and composing for the group. It was crazy to see him walk into the shop and the tattoo artist, Tommy, knew who he was and some of his history. Well as John Forte is getting a tat of his mother on him he confesses to Tommy that he had been incarcerated on some drug charges and did about 7 years in the pin, which was surprising to me. If you missed it, you can catch out the clip here.
Initially I thought nothing of it, I just thought that it was a coincidence. Then later I got to thinking about it and I was like damn is this the same guy from that cypher with DMX and Canibus? Let’s see…

Crazy huh. Looks like him to me.
“aight aight”

One thought on “Tattooing A Former Fugee

  1. I saw this episode. I honestly didn’t know all that happened to him. I admire his attitude after getting out of prison.

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