Hip Hop Stars get Simpsonized!

I came across this at the karmaloop website and it was so good that I had to share it with you all. Check out these hip hop stars Simpsonized!

This kind of looks like Kanye, if it wasn’t for the suit I would have no idea who they were trying to portray.

Now this is classic Weezy. You got the double cup in the title and the guitar with the dreads!

When I saw this rendition of Biggie I was dying laughing at that baby picture, which is supposed to mimic the Ready To Die cover.

Not quite sure what the orange juice is supposed to signify but you know who it is whenever you see that “Thug Life” tat.

This looks like Snoop but then you get to thinking about this could easily be Wiz Khalifa if the hair was changed ha!

They got Flavor Fav lookin extra cracked out, lmao

This is my favorite one, Eazy E, straight out of Compton! Peep those Nike Cortez’s

It couldn’t get any better with a Simponized Dre 3000

Of course they made a Simpson out of Marshall, I would have to say that this reminds me of the earlier Eminem though.

That Fat Joseph was on point. I think I understand the elephant feature but not sure if I get it all the way.

kudos to Moxy Creative, Karmaloop, Format Magazine, and Glenn Michael, good sh#t!

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