“no fundamentals, its one dimensional”

One of the things that I dislike about Hip Hop is the amount of artists that are clones of other artists. You know there are a lot. The good part of that is the scavenger hunt for the real, original artists, because aint nothing like finding a new artist that brings something new and fresh to the game. Wale was like that for me years ago. The DMV artist’s different flow, wordplay style, and thought-provoking lyrics was something that attracted my ears. Those go-go inspired beats he used to spit on was the cherry on top. Shout to Best Kept Secret for crafting those bangers. I have to admit, I havent listened to much of him since he joined MMG (not on purpose).

Speaking on the track below, he speaks about MCs who dont have their own original styles/sounds, not being their true selves and how he’s the total opposite. The track came to mind while I was at work and dealt with an individual who fit the mold. I caught myself humming “free free free free”. Damn I miss this Wale style, it was different and fresh. His current style is cool but I personally prefer this one.

Wale – The Vacation From Ourselves

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