A few wavy songs from Max B

I was going through my collection of music and came across an old Max B tape and it got me reminiscing on how I use to just chill out to some of his songs. He was on the wave before a lot of people even got their boards ya dig. I figured I would share some tracks, peep.
All My Days

This track has a melodic hook. There’s something about Max B’s voice tone that just makes his flow work for him.

ni99as got a Planet of the Ape face AWW!


I used to put this song on inside the hoopty right when I was starting up the car. The intro to the song is groovy, I especially like how the filter was used to build it up. Max B provides that raspy lovin for the girlies and that funky style for the homies on this track.

No More Pain

Now this that thug or die type of music. The flow was relentless and the energy level was pretty good too. I figured he would hold it down on a Pac beat.

Porno Music

This was my favorite song for a long time from Max B. It’s short but the mood of the song truly reflects the song title.

need you in my spaceship, floating through the city, we both be lookin pretty, I’ll be focused on your titties

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