Sample to Nas’ “Queens Get The Money”

Tonight I took it back and listened to that Nas ‘Untitled’ album and my favorite song off that album is that Queens Get The Money. I got to wondering what sample Jay Electronica (by the way where is that guy??) used to make the beat with so I looked it up and it doesn’t seem like anybody knows 100%. Well here’s the story from how I understand it. Continue reading

My World Is Blu…

After seeing the recent footage of Blu getting confronted by a fan/rapper, it made me think, “what happened?!”. People close to me know that I have been big supporter of Blu ever since I heard his debut, Below The Heavens. This joint was classic, straight up. The guy is undeniably talented on the mic but this is just terrible to see. You got to keep the die hard fans satisfied with the live performances. I’m a loyal fan so I hope he gets back on track real soon. “You’re my boy Blu!”

My World Is…

Tattooing A Former Fugee

I was watching NY Ink the other, which is one of my favorite shows on right now, and John Forte walks in to get some new ink. Well John Forte is a former Fugee, mostly writing and composing for the group. It was crazy to see him walk into the shop and the tattoo artist, Tommy, knew who he was and some of his history. Well as John Forte is getting a tat of his mother on him he confesses Continue reading

One of the Greatest Underground Albums Ever!

At one point in my life I was really into the heavy bass music. One particular group that was attractive to Satch and myself was Three Six Mafia. We both had our separate views on why we loved their music. Satch was attracted to the group mostly because of ‘Choices’ and ‘Da Unbreakables’. My love for the group came from their semi-underground album, ‘Underground Vol.3: Kings of Memphis”. Every once in a while Satch would let me bump that album out of his system in his whip, just so I could feel the true depth of the bass. Let me tell you why that album is the truth!. Continue reading


“no fundamentals, its one dimensional”

One of the things that I¬†dislike about Hip Hop is the amount of artists that are clones of other artists. You know there are a lot. The good part of that is the scavenger hunt for the real, original artists, because aint nothing like finding a new artist that brings something new and fresh to the game. Wale was like that for me years ago. The DMV artist’s¬†different flow, wordplay style, and thought-provoking lyrics was something that attracted my ears. Those Continue reading