Just My…Favorites 2011: Verses

As you all know from our Crazy Verse posts, we love a good verse, whether its full of knowledge, wit, flow, or whatever, good poetry is appreciated here. We found a good amount of verses over the past year that made us shake our head in amazement, let’s get into it…


1. Jay-Z – No Church In The Wild (1st Verse) off Watch The Throne Album

Only Jay-Z makes verses like this with such deep meaning. This verse had me all on wikipedia and rapgenius to decipher the meaning of his lines. This is my favorite because of the deep message behind the verse. He incorporates history, royalty, religion, carpentry, Socrates, Rolls Royce, Native Americans, drug dealing, and Plato all in one verse, simply incredible.

2. Big KRIT – To Vent (1st verse) off Return of 4Eva

This verse was a clear standout in 2011. After listening, you will understand why. The pure honesty and truth from KRIT is first class. Line after line, this verse is the most relatable verse I have heard this year.

3. Skyzoo – For The Sleepers (1st verse) off The Great Debater Mixtape

Not many people appreciate the lyricism that Skyzoo shows in all his verses. Your rewind button will get major use when listening, trust me I know. This particular verse was him addressing the sleepers, the wordplay he uses to talk about them is just amazing, “Leroy Campbell when I crayola this….”  Come on, man. This is a crazy verse for sure.

4. Kendrick Lamar – Rapity Rap (Remix) off Melo-X’s More Merch EP

He tore this track to shreds with his flow and wordplay, this is signature Kendrick Lamar. There were plenty of tracks he ripped this year but this is by far my favorite, it always leave me shaking my head like “damn”.

5. Pharoahe Monch – We Go Off (2nd Verse) off Phonte’s Charity Starts At Home Album

I wonder how many takes it took him to spit this? Because this verse is full of tongue twisting wording but once you hear it all, it makes sense. Pharoahe Monch always been nice with wordplay and this is definitely one that always gets my attention when listening. This verse is remarkable.


1. Kendrick Lamar – F*#k Your Ethnicity (verse 1)

So much truth, flow, and style in one verse. Again the switching up of the flow was sick as hell, it reminded me of the Bone Thugs style back during E.Eternal 1999.

2. Jay-Z – New Day

Sorry Junior, I already ruined ya“, wow how many artist start out a verse like that? I liked this verse because it’s so relevant to me. I like how Jay-Z shared his personal thoughts on fatherhood and what it could be like. The verse was sincere and touched on a human level. I also enjoyed hearing Jay-Z on a RZA beat.

3. Like (of Pac Div) – Brown

My goodness, the storyline in the verse was so smooth. “said up jumps the boogie, da bang, da beat“. You can tell that this is his type of beat by the way he handled his lyrics on it.

4. Schoolboy Q – What’s The Word (verse 1)

Now this is some thorough sh#t right here. He personifies that gully life and the verse matches the life. The tone of his voice and he spit the lyrics was so serious, not to be f’d with for sure.

5. Drake – Look What You’ve Done (verse 2)

I like how the lyrics to this verse are so personal to Drake. He even explains the emotions he were feeling during the time period he was rhyming about. “boo ooh sad sorry“. I also enjoy how he created his own flow on what little beat was present. This verse contains everything that a great mc should have in his verse, very impressive.

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Part 2: Beats

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